Put Down Your Phone And Read Take A Hint Dani Brown

Hello romance novels! Have you read any good romance novels lately? Well I’ve recently read Take a Hint Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert and loved it! Seriously add this novel to your tbr!

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Danika Brown just ended her friends with benefits arrangement with a coworker because the other party caught feelings. However, Dani needs oral sex in her life, so she invokes the Goddess Oshun to bring her another fuck buddy, this time one who will not “expect more from [her] than [she] can give” Hibbert 23. Five months later, Dani’s walking to her lecture and chats up her friend, and local campus security guard, Zafir Ansari. After a quick hello and a lecture on Rosetti’s Goblin Market, the fire alarm goes off, and everyone runs to participate in the evacuation drill. 

Dani, unfortunately, gets stuck in an elevator, and it’s Zafir who comes to pull her out. Students then go heart eyes over what they assumed to be Zaf and Dani’s relationship resulting in the trending hashtag Dr.Rugbae. 

The publicity ends up promoting Zaf’s nonprofit Tackle it, a rugby club that gives young people a healthy emotional outlet, so he asks Dani if she’d agreed to continue fake dating him. Dani agrees because she wants to help Zaf’s nonprofit take off.

But as Zaf and Dani grow closer, Zaf falls further and further in love with her, and Dani’s stubborn heart begins to crack at the edges. Additionally, the two begin to sleep together, which further complicates things.


I loved this story so much! Take a Hint Dani Brown is my first romance novel this year, and it has set the bar! 

 Let me start with the mechanical aspect of this novel.

The writing is smart and witty, and because of the dialogue, there’s never a dull moment. Just take a look at the opening sentence for this novel!

“The moon was high and full, the night was ripe for witchy business, and Danika Brown had honey on her tit. The left one, specifically.”

Take a Hint Dani Brown Talia Hibbert

Instantly hooked!

The characters in this novel are lovable. I admired Dani’s ambition and her ability to speak her mind and not apologize for it! Dani is so blunt sometimes it can be a little too much for some people but not for me! I am sometimes like Dani too, but she is way funnier. One of my favorite Dani scenes is when she’s teaching Rossetti’s Goblin Market, and she writes on the board tits out for christ. If you’ve read Goblin Market, then you know Dani is not wrong. And if you haven’t, here you go.

I enjoyed Dani’s arc in this novel because it’s refreshing. Romance novels often write their male protagonists as heartbreakers who fear relationships until they meet someone who changes their mind, but in this novel, it’s the opposite. It’s Dani whose weary of love, and Zafir who is the romantic.

Additionally, Zaf is a well-rounded love interest who doesn’t harbor any of the toxic masculinity traits a lot of romance leads have. I especially liked the way his story arc involved his grief and anxiety. Zaf doesn’t conquer either of those things, nor does he set out to, and I loved that! Both of those things are part of life, and I found it refreshing that this novel did not set out to cure him of either.

I loved this novel so much, and thankfully there’s a whole series that follows Dani’s sisters and their love stories, so I’ll have some great romance novels to read this year. 

“The world wasn’t split into unhappy endings and happily ever afters. There were blessings everywhere and a thousand shades of joy all around him.”

Take a Hint Dani Brown Talia Hibbert

Definitely check out the Brown sister series if you’re looking for a great romance read!

If you love romance but you’re not sure what novels might be your thing, check out my bookshop Romance faves.

But if you would like to browse some more check out my list of great romance novels!

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