Books to read when you’re feeling romantic this February, but you have no Boo!

Hello, Hello again. I am a romantic hoe. I love reading romance because I’m a lonely bean, and my dog Apollo hates it when I try to hold his hand, so romance novels fill those small cracks in my heart. Today I thought I’d give you my recommendations for the perfect books to read in February.

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Just as the name suggests, Dreamology is a whimsical and dreamy YA novel about two teens who have been dreaming of each other since they were children. You can find my Goodreads review for this book here.

Don’t Date Rosa Santos

Sometimes winter is so cold and rainy that a book set in summer hits different. Stay warm with Don’t Date Rosa Santos. Rosa Santos is a Cuban American teen living in a small beach town with a Dominican best friend and a sailor/ baker boy love interest. If this blurb isn’t convincing enough check out my full review.

Princess Jellyfish

If you don’t have a lot of free time to read this February, check out the manga Princess Jellyfish. The characters in this manga are super cute, from a cross-dressing love interest to a jellyfish obsessed protagonist to a plethora of adorably nerdy side characters, Princess Jellyfish is the perfect short read. Beware though the manga is addicting.

For a more in depth summary check out my post about this manga here.

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact is a hit or miss for a lot of people, but it’s a hit in my book. This book is about two lonely individuals who are both going through it. First, we have Penny a freshman in college, adjusting to a new stage in her life, and living in a new city. Then we have Sam, the love interest, a college drop out, with a pregnant ex. They exchange phone numbers and spent the entire book texting and supporting each other through tough times. I found Penny and Sam to be really cute and the story to be the perf read for February. Check out my review for Emergency Contact on Goodreads.

I do have a trigger warning for this book because there’s a brief discussion of rape.

Pride and Prejudice

The 2005 film is one of my favorite movies of all time, and this February, I decided to finally read it. Mr. Darcy is a mess, and Lizzie doesn’t take any of his BS. Combined with Mrs. Bennet’s gossip sessions and her banter with Mr. Bennet, Pride and Prejudice is a book to consider reading this month.

Honorable mentions

These are books I want to read in February and although I haven’t read them yet. I am going to add them to this list in case you find them interesting too.

The Worst Best Man

Carolina Santos is a wedding planner who was left at the altar at her own wedding. Since then Carolina has become one of the top wedding planners in DC so when she is offered the opportunity that could change her life she doesn’t hesitate to take it. Even if she has to plan her Ex’s wedding.

However, working with her ex doesn’t sound as bad as collaborating with the best man from her own wedding, her ex’s little brother, Max whom she hates deeply. Max had convinced his big brother to leave Carolina at the alter and Lina is not above seeking revenge.

If the two enemies can make a great presentation without killing each other first they’ll both come out on top. But sparks fly between the two of them. Although Lina and Max can never be more than casual because Lina doesn’t want love and Max refuses to be his brother’s runner up.

Reasons why I am interested in this book: pretty cover, diverse characters, enemies to lovers, and a messy storyline.

I have also reserved this book at the library and as soon as I can get my hands on it I’ll catch you up with a review.

If you have any books that you think romantics should read this February leave it in the comments below. I’d love to receive more recommendations.

Until the next post continue living in libros,


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