Black Witch Magic is a spooky Christmas read

Family curses, paranormal investigators, a witch working as a librarian? Black Witch Magic was a novel I knew I needed to read. 

Thank you Netgalley for providing me an arc in exchange for my honest review.


Selene Blackstone’s trapped in her small New England town, courtesy of her family curse. Selene’s unable to leave or find true love. Aiden’s a paranormal investigator with a web series looking to investigate Selene’s hometown and the ghost of Selene’s grandmother. 

But when strange things happen to people in town everyone is side-eyeing Selene believing she’s descended from witches. They aren’t wrong. However, Selene’s more interested in exploring the world of books than causing chaos.

When Aiden and Selene meet insults are thrown, but the two keep finding their way back to each other



This novel’s a cute Halloween Christmas read. If you’re the kind of person who prefers a spooky Christmas, then consider reading this one.

I liked the supporting characters in this story, especially Selene’s BFF Noelle, a nature witch, who keeps running from her cute ex. Noelle’s convinced Aiden’s a fuck boy and is worried Selene’s dickmatized.

“Selene, how are you dickmatized before the dick?

Her jaw dropped midbite of her crisp bagel, cheeks heating up. “I’m not dickmatized!”

Black Witch Magic Mila Nicks

And as Noelle’s caught up in Selene’s love life Selene’s also interested in seeing her bff happy as well.

The author, Mila Nicks, makes it a point to write romance novels featuring women of color, and as Selene’s Black and a witch, I expected those two things to work against her in her small town. However, everyone in town is more concerned she’s a witch. However Selene’s boss, Miriam, is aggressively mean to her, her weariness is pointed towards Selene’s witchy reputation. But I think Selene’s race also plays into Miriam’s prejudice.

Selene’s bff Noelle is also a witch and Miriam also loathes her, but Selene’s scenes with her boss hint at microaggressions. At least that’s how I was reading it.

I wish this novel developed more of the magic of the universe, explored more of Luna’s history via Selene’s weird uncle, as well as Aiden’s paranormal web series. I think it would have been interesting to see Selene and Aiden team up and investigate spirit boxes included. 

I hope the sequel does explore more of the paranormal investigator subplot as I am a ho for ghost investigations.

Until next time I’ll be living in libros,


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