Romance Review Monday- Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Whoa, if you are tired of boring romance novels with problematic storylines and toxic love interests, check out the brown sister series.

Get a Life Chloe Brown is the first novel in the brown sister series written by Talia Hibbert, an author who loves to write diverse romance.

This series follows three black sisters living in the UK as they fall in love. I have previously reviewed Take a Hint, Dani Brown and loved it, so don’t forget to check out my thoughts.


Chloe Brown is a chronically ill website designer who lives at home with her parents, but after a near-death experience, Chloe comes up with a list to help her get a life. First on the list, live alone. Chloe’s flat is actually perfect except for her building’s superintendent Redford Morgan who hates her.

Red is a sexy artist with tattoos and a motorcycle making him the perfect candidate to help Chloe with her Get A Life List. As the two grow closer, their hearts open up to each other, and soon they’re catching feelings.


After reading Take a Hint, Dani Brown I knew the rest of the Brown Sister novels wouldn’t disappoint. And I wasn’t wrong.

What I loved about this installment was the visibility it brought to chronic illness. Chloe has fibromyalgia which means she tires easily, overheats, and has sudden spikes of pains, but thanks to pain meds, she manages. But with Chloe’s diagnosis also came the loss of friends and a fiancé who could not be bothered to be patient with her.

Chloe has learned to keep to herself and has become closed off, which makes her bond with Red even more special.

Speaking of Red, he’s a big softie! Red disliked Chloe at first, but after catching Chloe rescuing a cat, he takes a liking to her. 

“You think this is a big deal because, no offense, you’ve had a lot of people in your life who claimed to care about you but didn’t act like it. That’s not me. I can cook, and right now, you can’t. So I’m doing it for you because that’s how people should behave; they should fill in each other’s gaps. Don’t think about it too hard.”

Get A life, Chloe Brown Talia Hibbert

Luckily, this story is told in dual POVs, so readers get immediate insight into Red’s feelings. And the man is a big simp for Chloe. Seriously this man falls for her very quickly. 

Despite the romance between the two, this novel also shows both Red and Chole’s reservations about starting a relationship. As I mentioned, Chloe’s a little insecure after all her friends abandoned her while Red has to overcome the trauma from a past toxic relationship.

I liked this addition to Red’s characters, but I rarely come across male characters in romance who are healing from a toxic relationship. Adding to that, Red also seeks out therapy when he realizes his past is starting to affect his feelings for Chloe.

I just loved this approach to his arc because Red learns to heal himself rather than relying on Chloe to do it for him. I’ve often come across romance novels where both protagonists overcome past trauma by simply dating each other. Which isn’t realistic or healthy. 

Yes, romance novels are usually wrapped up in a big happily ever after bow, but I enjoy when romance novels tackle important issues like chronic illness, mental health, and racism. 

In conclusion, I loved to Get a Life Chole Brown and Take a Hint, Dani Brown. I’m theorizing that I’ll love to Act Your Age Eve Brown just as much.

Check out the Brown sisters series if you love romance novels about POC falling in love.

Until next time I’ll be living in libros,


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  1. Wow, that is impressive to have a male character not only recovering from a toxic relationship, but also actively seeking help to overcome his past for his current romantic partner. And visibility for dealing with a chronic illness in a relationship context as well? This sounds like an awesome book!

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