About Me


My name is Gaby and I live in Libros. In other words I live in books. I began this blog in 2018 to motivate myself to read more books between my downtime in college, but now this blog has become a place I love to update as I continue my reading journey.

If you love sarcasm and colorful book reviews, I hope you consider staying a while and living in libros with me.

More about me

  • I speak both English and Spanish fluently, so some Spanish may slip into my reviews, it is for fun.
  • I write fiction and you can find some of my short stories on this blog or on Wattpad at Livinginlibros.
  • I love Star Wars
  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Composition with an emphasis in creative writing. I also unofficially consider myself to have a minor in Latinx studies because those classes count even if I did not officially qualify for the minor.
  • My favorite book series is the Star Bound trilogy because they are set in space, similar to Star Wars, and the cover art is gorgeous. However, Don’t Date Rosa Santos is my favorite stand alone YA novel.
  • I am a first generation Mexican-American living in Southern California.

When I am not living in libros or blogging I can be found on Instagram, watching telenovelas, k-dramas, anime, or hanging out with my dog, Apollo and Mimosa