My favorite reads of 2021

Are you looking for the perfect book to keep you warm during New Years? I got you covered! Check out my favorite books I read this year!

This list is heavily biased towards the enemies to lover’s trope because I have fine taste.

Deal With the Elf King by Elise Kova

This whimsical fantasy novel is heavy on the Hades and Persephone parallels and includes a shadow wolf sidekick. Luella marries the elf king to keep their world balanced.  However, the pair are in constant disagreement, and as they work together, they fall in love.

Get a Life Chole Brown and the Rest of the Brown sister series by Talia Hibbert

Chole Brown decides to live independently for the first time. Unfortunately, her building manager- Red- is infuriating and hot, but he’s the only one willing to help Chole check off her Get A Life list.

Get a Life Chole Brown is the first novel in the Brown sister series, so don’t forget to scoop up Take a Hint Dani Brown and Act Your Age Eve Brown.

Oath Taker and the rest of this amazing series by Audrey Grey

This New adult high fantasy novel follows Haven Ashwood, who works as her best friend’s guard, but when Lord Stolas of the underworld kidnaps Bellamy, Haven must ally with the arrogant Archeron Halfbane to save him. As the series progresses Haven discovers the truth of her ancestry and falls in love with the Dark Lord, all while attempting to save the kingdom.

This series is one book shy of completion, and I highly recommend it! All four novels are available on kindle unlimited if you’re looking for an excuse to get a trial.

Bridge Kingdom and Traitor Queen by Danielle L. Jensen

Lara was raised to be her father’s perfect spy and marries her enemy Aren of Ithicana. Lara hates her husband and is constantly outsmarting him and his soldiers, but the longer Lara lingers in Ithicana, the more she begins to question her loyalties and her feelings for her husband.

This series is my favorite combination of enemies to lovers because it has the extra element of an arranged marriage! This duology is well-written, steamy, and heart-wrenching, and I definitely recommend it for all the romantics.

Daughter of Shades and the whole Venatrix Chronicles by Sylvia Mercedes

This young adult fantasy series follows Ayleth, a young Venatrix, who competes alongside Terryn to win the spot as the prince’s right hand. But throughout the series, Ayleth challenges Terryn to think differently, and the two slowly fall for each other.

Like the rest of the books on this list, this series also features an enemies-to-lovers subplot

Incendiary and Illusionary by Zoraida Cordova

Renata can steal memories and destroy minds which made her an asset to the kingdom when she was a child. Now, as an adult, Ren fights with the Whispers, who aim to dethrone the King, and after  Prince Castian kidnaps the head of the Whispers, Ren decides to go undercover at the palace to destroy him. But Ren soon learns that Prince Castian is more complex than she thought

This fantasy world takes inspiration from the Spanish inquisition and is incredibly written. The first book is a slow start but has an incredible ending, and this duology has earned a forever spot on my bookshelf.

A Throne of Roses by K.F. Breene

A quick-witted healer and a sulky prince must work together to heal everyone throughout their cursed kingdom. Finely and Nyfain cannot stand each other, but they find themselves making out often. Despite their difference, the pair must team up to defeat the demon king and break the curse across the lands.

This fantasy novel is entertaining, smutty, and well-written, and I recommend it for lovers of romance. This novel is also a beauty and the beast retelling with a shape-shifting twist.

What books made it onto your favorites list this year?

This will be my last post this year so until next time readers continue to live in libros,


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