Need a whismy read? Try Reggie and Delilah’s Year of falling

I am disappointed that it has taken me so long to read a book by Elise Bryant! 

The Lovely and talented Elise Bryant has written Happy Ever Afters and One True Loves- all Young Adult Romances. Now I have had my eye on Happy Ever Afters since its debut, and reading Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling has made me want to read more of Bryant’s books.

Thank you NetGalley, Balzer+Bray, and Elise Bryant for this arc. I chose to review this arc and all opinions are mine.

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Read the Grim Reaper’s Lawyer now!

The Grim Reaper’s lawyer by Mea Monique was recommended to me by Sciondukes on tiktok (check them out!). And whoa, this was such a cool and entertaining read. This book has some spicy scenes so if thats not your thing I have some great YA recommendations you can check out.

The author’s a lawyer herself, and it makes the world of this novel more real. I really liked the take of a corporate underworld, and the romance aspect of this story is delicious. I love books that are great at balancing the romance and the plot, which I believe this novel does well.

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My most anticipated reads of 2023

Hi book lovers 2023 has some amazing books set to publish this year. I know what youre thinking, Gaby it’s May shouldn’t you have posted this article in January?

Yes, that would have been a great idea but as the year goes on there are more and more novels that I learn about and that I decide to add to my tbr. So, I feel like a middle of the year anticipated reads works better for me.

Some on this list are already out but I haven’t read them yet so I am counting them.

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Puerto Rican Elves?! The Last Sunrise in Eterna slayed!

Book babes and Fantasy folks know this blog loves a good fae and elf story. Last year, when Amparo Ortiz announced her next novel, Last Sunrise in Eterna, where a goth girl falls for a sunshine elf prince in Puerto Rico while participating in an magical exchange program, I knew I had to read it. 

And because Ortiz’s, The Blazewrath Games and the Dragonblood Ring were a great duology, I was super pumped for this book. And when I saw the cover for it I was sold.

Thank you, Netgalley for the advanced readers copy, and also big thanks to Amparo Ortiz for the psychical arc. (In December I won a contest for the arc, but I didn’t get around to reading it until later lol)

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Take the Lead is the perfect read for reality show lovers

Hello Book lovers! I am back with another book recommendation. Today’s recommendation is for the contemporary romance lovers and for fans of Alexis Daria.

Take the Lead is Alexis Daria’s debut novel. And in case you didn’t know I love Alexis Daria’s writing. She knows how to craft the perfect romance with longing, pining, misunderstanding, and the sex scenes are great too. Take the Lead was published in 2017 as an ebook only but was reprinted and given a little text update just this year. Shout out to Netgalley, for the Advanced Reader’s copy of Take the Lead.

I received an advanced readers copy from Netgalley but all opinions and reviews are my own.

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My top 7 Spring books for 2023

Hey book lovers!

March has been a tough month for me and I’ve struggled to read. Partly due to stress and partly due to the fact that fanfictions are bringing me great comfort during this time. But how are you, reader?

I wanted to start April off with a celebration of spring! In the past I’ve compiled a list of great books to read during the pastel season otherwise known as spring. The novels on the list are not necessarily set in spring but their tone, theme, and covers give spring vibes! And that’s good enough for me!

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Winter’s the thrilling end and the beginning of an intergalactic love affair!

All of our favorite characters are back in this epic conclusion to the Lunar chronicles. And I am super excited for readers to read Winter simply to see her character! Winter’s teased in Cress, but in this novel she gets the chance to shine! And in my opinion Winter makes this book! I would read more books with a protagonist like her.

If you missed any of my previous reviews in this series, you read them in order here.

A Science fiction retelling of Cinderella? Say less!

Marissa Meyer’s Cinder is a science fiction Cinderella retelling with a sprinkle of sailor moon. Yes, that’s correct Sailor Moon! Cinder is more on the Young Adult side plot and character wise, but the sci fi element and the world of this novel is incredible!

Scarlet the unhinged sequel to Cinder

Last week, I shared my review on Cinder, Marissa Meyer’s sci-fi Cinderella retelling. Well, the fairytales continue with it’s sequel, Scarlet. This time Meyer brings two new protagonists into the mix and a dreamy thieving pilot who brings the chaos. Scarlet brings the story of little red riding hood and the Big bad Wolf into…

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Why Disenchanted should be your next cozy dark fantasy!

Welcome back book lovers! Now I know I have promised you the rest of my reviews for the Lunar Chronicles, but I needed to squeeze in my review for Disenchanted first. I will have my review of Cress up next Monday.

Disenchanted is hailed as the Princess Bride meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but oh, how this book took me on an adventure. Disenchanted is originally a young adult, but the author has rereleased it as adult and is planning to keep the series adult moving forward.  I read the revised new adult version which does contain sexual content and mature themes. 

This Breton inspired novel is set in the 1500s and has a rebel princess and a cursed vampire. And there’s the personal fave “oh no, there’s only one-bed trope.” Disenchanted is delectable, and I loved the character development at the end.

Disclaimer: First, I would like to thank Brianna for reaching out and providing me with a copy of Disenchanted and for being a fan of Living in Libros. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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