My favorite reads of 2020

Happy new year, book lovers! I hope the new year has been treating you well and that you’re not stressing too much, although if you’re a U.S resident, please take time away from the internet to distress and have a mental break. Watch some cat videos or your favorite tv show.

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That’s it?! Manga Review: Princess Jellyfish’s final volume

Imagine this, all the Amars suddenly becoming onboard with sewing and creating clothes for women like them. I never thought I’d see it either, but that’s exactly what happens in the last volume of Princess Jellyfish.

Disclaimer: this post contains an affiliate links for Volume 9 of Princess jellyfish and bookshop at the end of this post. It is marked with an asterisk* If you click the links and make a purchase I earn a commission.

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Princess Jellyfish Volume 8: The transformation edition

I don’t want this story to end! However, I am excited for the conclusion of this series.

After Kuranosuke wraps up a photo shoot at Mr. Fish’s building, he flirts his way to the top floor and meets Fayong, Fish’s secretary and childhood friend, instead of snitching to her boss that Kuranosuke has come for Tsukimi, she takes Kuranosuke to the basement and leaks key company secrets before letting him know where Tsukimi is.

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Princess Jellyfish Volume 3 Shu finally opens his eyes

Happy Valentines day readers! If you want cute valentine’s day book recommendation check out this post here. But if you want to hear more of Princess Jellyfish volume 3 continue reading.

And if you haven’t read my previous posts on Princess Jellyfish the manga series and would like to read more check out my review for Volume 1 and Volume 2

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Books to read when you’re feeling romantic this February, but you have no Boo!

Hello, Hello again. I am a romantic hoe. I love reading romance because I’m a lonely bean, and my dog Apollo hates it when I try to hold his hand, so romance novels fill those small cracks in my heart. Today I thought I’d give you my recommendations for the perfect books to read in February.

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