Princess Jellyfish 5: Tsukimi and Shu get serious!

Another Friday another volume of Princess Jellyfish. Today we’re on volume 5.

This volume begins with the Amars heading off to protest the redevelopment of their neighborhood. The Amars all arrive at the remonstrance in cosplay, and because of it, they feel comfortable and confident. Shu files a peaceful protest permit so the Amars are not arrested. After the protest, Hana Mori San, the Koibuchi family driver, helps Shu ask Tsukimi out on a date.

Kuranosuke helps glam Tsukimi up for her date with Shu, but they cannot decide what outfit to put her in. Nisha, the Indian businesswoman who has been assisting the Jellyfish brand, brings out one of the sample Jellyfish dresses they had ordered and insists Tsukimi wear her own design. While at Amamizukan, Hana Mori San spots Nisha and asks her out to a date at the same restaurant.

Tsukimi’s date with Shu goes well, they have dinner on the top of the restaurant, with a view of Tokyo Tower. They try to get to know each other, but it’s a very windy night, and the tablecloth knocks over the candelabras, which lead to Shu and Tsukimi reaching for them, their hands meet, and in the heat of the moment, Shu confesses that he loves Tsukimi.

The waiter moves them inside, while Tskumini runs off to the bathroom and convinces herself that Shu did not confess at all. An embarrassed Shu recounts his confession to Hana Mori San and Nisha, and both tell Shu to slow down because love is a careful dance. Once Tsukimi returns, Shu apologizes to her, and she assumes it was regarding the windy dinner, Shu doesn’t correct her, but a frustrated Nisha and Hana Mori make Tsukimi realize that Shu is very much in love with her and she cannot run away from that.

The next day Shu writes Tsukimi a letter formally asking her to date him and become his fiancée. The proposal leaves Tsukimi petrified, nevertheless, she contends on rereading Shu’s letter. Kuranosuke is happy for them but acts off. When Shu asks Tsukimi out to lunch again, she officially accepts his proposal.

Afterward, Chieko’s mother, the building owner, calls to let her daughter know that she will be arriving in Japan to finalize the sale of Amamizukan. Chieko decides not to tell the Amars the bad news just yet because they’re so happy designing the casual wear line for Jellyfish, but when she answers a call from Shu, she tells him the news. Shu promises to take care of it and visits Inari to let her know that he’s engaged, and by law, they cannot evict the tenants without letting them know six months prior. Inari is shaken up about the news of Shu’s engagement and accepts the fact that she’s in love with him. She decides to rub salt in the wound by finding out exactly who Shu’s fiancée is.

While Tsukimi and Shu are out on another date, the Amars go seek the wisdom of Mejiro Sensei, the manga author and tenant of Amamizukan, regarding Tsukimi and Shu. The Amars have strict rules regarding the Nunnery, and one of those is that they live a life with no use for men. Recently, they have been bending the rules by allowing both Shu and Hana Mori to enter whenever they’d like. Once Mejiro is debriefed about the situation, she is thrilled and advises the Amars to use Shu’s political influence to their advantage and to blackmail him if necessary. Poor Shu can’t avoid the blackmail.

Points of discussion

Now that we’re all caught up, I’d like to talk about what’s going on with Shu and Tsukimi. Although they’re both awkward turtles, I think a relationship between them would work if they got to know each other and liked the person for who they are. I have my doubts that this might be the case for Tsukimi and Shu. While Shu is kindhearted and a good person, his job in politics puts him in a tight spot. Shu is going to take over his father or uncle’s role in politics. I think if it comes down to it, Shu would have to choose his job/family/ politics over Tsukimi. Although he has been helping her and Kuranosuke, I don’t think he can use his political influence to stop the sale of Amamizukan because he must remain neutral as a public servant. This is just a prediction for future volumes, but I think it’s a possibility that their relationship ends because of it.

Plus, Kuroansuke knows Tsukimi far better than his brother does. Likewise, Tsukimi knows Kuranosuke and what he’s passionate about his hobbies, etc. They’ve both accepted each other for the person they are and have created a great friendship because of it. Could that friendship develop into something overtime? Maybe given Kuransuke’s conflicted feelings, it’s a possibility for the future.

In the previous volume, Chieko tells Kuranosuke that the Amars do not have their hearts invested in Jellyfish because they have no interest in wearing the dresses. Kuranosuke considers this and realizes that the Amars are interested in their obsessions: train, old men, dolls, and history. So, if he can connect nerd culture with the Jellyfish brand, everyone will be happy. Although Kuranosuke and Shu have two vastly different personalities, they both tend to help people they’re close to. And I wonder if Kuranosuke learned this from his mother or big brother Shu because something tells me it wasn’t their father.

Someone who broke my heart in this volume is none other than Kuranosuke. In his self-reflection, Kuranosuke asks his mother if he’s the sorcerer in the love story because he was able to turn Tsukimi into a princess via a makeover and by helping her build self-confidence. However, Princesses end up with princes, not sorcerers, so he thinks of a future hosting another Jellyfish fashion show and believes that being by Tsukimi’s side as a business partner is a privilege in of itself. Kuranosuke convinces himself that this is the stance he should take now that Tsukimi and Shu are official, it’s less messy for their brand and Tsukimi who loves Shu.

This breaks my heart on several levels. Although I admire Kuranosuke’s selfless act to help two people he holds dear find happiness, it is at his own expense. For example, when Shu and Tsukimi go on their first date, Kuranosuke gets drunk, so he doesn’t have to imagine their date. He’s in love with her. We all know it! This is going to destroy him and me. I think Kuranosuke is in too deep already but confessing to Tsukimi now would complicate everything. I’m so sad I just want them all to be happy.

Lastly, Kuranosuke surprised me when he repeated the infamous line from the beginning of this series.

“All girls can be beautiful princesses”

Princess Jellyfish Volume 5 Akiko higashimura

Some girls just forget is all. I think bringing back this line was a clever way to express just how in sync Tsukimi and Kuranosuke are. They’ve both been heartbroken by their mothers, and because of this shared grief, they cling to the idea of a princess. Kuranosuke works hard to make himself feel like a princess through fashion, whereas Tsukimi convinced herself that she can never be one. I think their mutual heartache will bring them even closer in the next volumes. Just in time too, because I have a feeling Kuranosuke’s mother might make an appearance soon.

Until the next Jellyfish Friday continue living in libros,


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