Princess Jellyfish Volume 7: Everything has kicked off

In my previous Princess Jellyfish review, I stated that volume 6 was going to kick things into motion, well I was right, and now I’m anxious for the conclusion!

The Amars have tearfully accepted Tsukimi’s decision to leave Japan and work with Fish, and although they miss her, they are thankful to still have a home at Amamizukan. Kuranosuke, on the other hand, refuses to stop looking for Tsukimi and has Hana-Mori San, his family’s driver take him to the hotel Tsukimi is staying in. With some helpful friends, Kuranosuke finds Tsukimi’s room number, and they spend her last night eating and drinking. A drunk Kuranosuke begs Tsukimi not to leave, but she does not have a choice, and by the time he wakes, she’s gone.

Meanwhile, Shu’s ring shopping yields no results, until he stumbles upon a small glass blowing shop in Venice who agree to make him a handmade Jellyfish ring. Once Shu returns to Japan, the Amars refuse to tell him what happened to Tsukimi, but when Kuranosuke gets ahold of Shu, he lets his big brother know just how bad things are. Shu can’t seem to grasp the severity of the situation and remains with the hope that Tsukimi will come back.

“You should recognize her! No matter what she’s wearing. Even if she’s got a wig or a mask on. She’s the woman you fell for, isn’t she?!”

Princess Jellyfish Volume 7 Akiko HigashimurA

Tsukimi is learning all she can about the fashion industry, but her tutors are more than a bit frustrated she doesn’t understand basic terms. One of her tutors, in particular, let’s her know that Mr. Fish didn’t hire her to be a unique designer but rather, to design clothes for their affordable brand.

Back at the Amamizukan, the Amars worry that they won’t be able to keep Tsukimi’s jellyfish, Clara alive because of her meticulous upkeep. This spurs Kuranosuke to adopt Clara before they donate her to a pet shop.

Back at the Amanizukan, the Amars worry that they won’t be able to keep Tsukimi’s jellyfish, Clara alive because of her meticulous upkeep. This spurs Kuranosuke to adopt Clara before they donate her to a pet shop.

Simultaneously, there is a tax protest in front of Mr. Koibuchi’s office, driving Kuranosuke to march the Amars in Jellyfish’s dresses and rake up some publicity. While at the Airport Tsukimi catches her friends on Tv wearing the dresses they designed together and realizes that she’s been making dressing for them, geeky girls, all along.

Kuranosuke is very persistent, and once Tsukimi leaves for Singapore, it doesn’t take him long to gather Hana Mori San and follow her there too.

Once in Singapore, Kai is more than happy to show Tsukimi all the country has to offer her. Kai even takes Tsukimi swimming at the Sands hotel, and it is here where he promises Tsukimi that together they’ll change the fashion industry before plunging them both underwater and kissing her. Tsukimi has a small crisis after this incident because she just experienced her first kiss and with her boss.

“This man…I really don’t know what he’s thinking …and it’s scary.”

Princess Jellyfish Volume 7 Akiko HigashimurA

However, after a chill lunch Tsukimi realizes that Kai can be pretty cool.

Kuranosuke disguises himself as a woman once again and heads to Kai’s office. Once there he’s taken for a model and is immediately put to work. Kai casually passes by Kuranosuke in the lobby and makes plans to have Tsukimi stay in the hotel until further notice. However, his longtime friend and secretary, Fayong, demands to know why Kai is going to such lengths to protect Tsukimi, and he has no answer for that.

In short, this volume was wild. What has taken me the most by surprise is the exploration of Kai’s character. In the previous volume, we learned that Kai is a huge fashion influencer in Asia whose looking for the next big trend which is why he becomes fixated on Tsukimi. But in this volume Kai becomes another love interest for Tsukimi, you go Tsukimi. In addition, the reader also learns that Kai grew up in an orphanage with Fayong, his secretary, and upon seeing the need for the orphans to have more money he and Fayong begin taking clothes that the rich have discarded and sells them. Eventually, Kai became the big influence that he is now.

Although Kai is an unexpected love interest, I think he is exactly what this story needs. Volume 7 has shown how far Kuranosuke will go to stay with Tsukimi, and I think it’s only a matter of time before Tsukimi realizes it too. As for Shu and Kai, I think both of them suspect Kuranosuke’s feelings, but I don’t think either of them will let go of Tsukimi so easily.

I am more assured now than I was in the previous volumes that Tsukimi and Kuranosuke are end game. And I can’t wait to see where the rest of this story goes. I wonder, how far Tsukimi’s path as a designer will go, I always viewed her and Kuranosuke as a team. Tsukimi had the vision, and Kuranosuke put that vision into motion by gathering supplies, so I do wonder how Tsukimi is going to feel about managing that part on her own.

Another 4 stars from me.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Some trigger warnings I’d give for this volume is Kai’s nonconsensual kiss in the pool. That scene made me heated! Also, many of Kai’s designers are quick to fat shame Tsukimi because they cannot understand why Kai is so obsessed with her. Thankfully, most of those hateful comments go over Tsukimi’s head because of the language barrier.

Until the next Jellyfish Friday continue living in libros,


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