Princess Jellyfish Volume 3 Shu finally opens his eyes

Happy Valentines day readers! If you want cute valentine’s day book recommendation check out this post here. But if you want to hear more of Princess Jellyfish volume 3 continue reading.

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After Kuranosuke takes the Amars to his friend’s play and judges the hell out of their costumes, he decides to recruit Tsukimi and her roommates into creating Jellyfish dresses for them. Meanwhile, Tsukimi is attempting to distance herself from Kurano because she’s convinced herself that they live in two different worlds and can never be friends. However, Tsukimi can’t avoid Kurano, especially when he lets himself into Amamizukan.

After the play, Kuranosuke realizes that they can all save Amamizukan by selling dresses inspired by jellyfish. Once everyone is on board, the Amars work around the clock, cutting and sewing these dresses.  Kurano wants to have a fashion show to get the brand name out there, and Tsukimi suggests they host the show in Amamizukan, which would bring awareness to the redevelopment project occurring in the neighborhood. When Kuranosuke learns that Chieko’s mother has decided to sell the place he has no other options left, Kurano decides that they must have a fashion show on the same day that his father is hosting a celebration for the Prime minster, Kuranosuke’s uncle.

Kuranosuke is the only model scheduled to walk during the show, but with some convincing and bribing, Maya also enters the show as the second model. With Maya on his arm, the two crash his family’s party and invite the guests to the fashion show.

Inari has decided to leave Shu alone, for now, but when she drunkenly answers Shu’s call and falls asleep in the middle of it, Shu assumes the worst. Once Inari realizes that Shu is driving over believing she has completed suicide, she decides to play along and pose herself on the couch with vitamins littering the floor. Once Shu arrives, Inari mocks him for falling for her prank, and Shu slaps her before leaving. Inari realizes she took things too far when she sees how distressed Shu is, but rather than use her words she throws herself back into work.

Inari runs into Shu at his family’s party, and she is flustered with his presence much to her shock. Shu apologizes to Inari for hitting her that night she pulled that prank on him. Meanwhile, Inari is shaken when she realizes she caught feelings. 

One last final thing to note from this volume is Shu finally coming to terms that Tsukimi is the same person in and out of makeup. The revelation doesn’t upset him, and he is quick to accept the casual sweatsuit Tsukimi.

I suppose I can now forgive Shu for his initial shallowness. It only took this man 3 volumes to connect the dots. I do wonder if Shu and Tsukimi will start dating in the following volumes. I am not too onboard with that idea but a jealous Kuranosuke? Sign me up for the angst.

The Kuranosuke and Tsukimi romance continues to remain one-sided. Tsukimi turns to stone every time Kuranosuke sheds his wig and women’s clothing when they’re alone. He is slowly coming to terms with his feelings at one point Kurano calls Tsukimi cute and blushes while leaving her bedroom.

I do wonder if Inari will grow in the upcoming volumes of this manga, but she continues to do some nasty things in this one. I’m kind of rooting for her wack ass to redeem herself, maybe even sabotage the redevelopment project. I’m onboard with Inari falling for Shu too because maybe through it, she’ll become a better person regardless of whether Shu returns her feelings.

I’m excited to read more of this manga and will continue to update a review of Princess Jellyfish every Friday.

Until next time continue to living in libros,


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