My most anticipated reads of 2023

Hi book lovers 2023 has some amazing books set to publish this year. I know what youre thinking, Gaby it’s May shouldn’t you have posted this article in January?

Yes, that would have been a great idea but as the year goes on there are more and more novels that I learn about and that I decide to add to my tbr. So, I feel like a middle of the year anticipated reads works better for me.

Some on this list are already out but I haven’t read them yet so I am counting them.


Stolen Heir Holly Black

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Published Jan 3

Oak is the heir to the throne of Elfhame and now as a teen he has some tricks up his sleeves. Suren’s a runaway queen and Oak needs her help but setting out him means Suren has face some demons she left behind and guard her heart from the prince.

I loved the Cruel Prince books, so of course, I am back to read about teenage Oak and to see if there are some crumbs of Jude and Cardan.

Hell Bent by Leigh Bardugo

Genre: Paranormal, Adult, Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Magic

Out January 10

Galaxy Stern is going to free Daniel Arlington from the pits of hell no matter what it takes. The Lethe board is no help so it’s up to Alex and Pamela to gather a band of rebels to help them open a portal to hell and steal a soul without gaining the attention of a demon or two.

I enjoyed Ninth House and have been awaiting this sequel. I finished it, and I have many thoughts and some disappointments, so reviewing this one is pending.


Last Sunrise in Eterna Amparo Ortiz

Sevim, a goth teen, is forced to join the magical exchange program in Eterna when the elf prince kidnaps her mother. Sevim set on getting through the week as quick as possible but the longer she stays in Eterna the more she begins to unravel the secrets the princes are hiding.

Eleves in Puerto Rico with a side of grumpy sunshine and a goth protagonist. Yes, please. I just reviewed this one here.

Puerto Rican Elves?! The Last Sunrise in Eterna slayed!

Book babes and Fantasy folks know this blog loves a good fae and elf story. Last year, when Amparo Ortiz announced her next novel, Last Sunrise in Eterna, where a goth girl falls for a sunshine elf prince in Puerto Rico while participating in an magical exchange program, I knew I had to read it. …


The Only Purple House in Town by Ann Aguirre

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

Out July 11

Iris’ family calls her the, chaos bunny, because her life is a bit of a mess. But when she inherits her aunt’s Victorian home, she turns into a B&B. And winds up collecting a group of lost souls, including successful tech boy Eli Reese who just so happens to have had a crush on Iris as a kid.

This story is giving unrequited crush, magic, found family, and a hot mess protagonist therefore, it’s going on this list.


Death is my bff Katherina E. Tonks

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Fantasy

Out September 5th

Death spares Faith’s life but returns on her 18th birthday to collect her soul. But Faith has never forgotten him, and his return sets off an epic supernatural battle drawn in the middle.

I read an original draft of this story years ago, and I am excited to read the final version!


The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon

Genre: Adult Fantasy, Romance

Out October 3

Alaric and Talasyn are on opposite sides of the Hurricane Wars, and have contrasting powers. But when their magic clashes, it merges into a force that’s never been seen before. And with an even greater force on the horizon, their combined magic could be their only hope.

I am super excited for this epic Southeast Asian fantasy as it’s a magical enemy to lovers, a light versus dark tale.

The Endless War by Danielle L Jensen

Adult fantasy

Out on Audible May 5

Out November 28

King Keris has taken the throne to his father’s kingdom, something which he never wanted. And when he hears that Zarrah, his love, has been sent to a dangerous prison, he’s left with no choice but to unite with his estranged sister and her husband to free his girl.

As we know, the Bridge Kingdom novels have my heart. The political intrigue, the romance, and the spicy scenes have resulted in me binging the three novels. The fourth in this series, the endless war, has to be just as entertaining.

I can’t wait to read these novels on this list and maybe I’ll add some more reads later on! But for now you can find me living in libros,


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