Romance Recs for the perfect Valentine’s Day!

Welcome Back to blog! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I have compiled a list of the perfect romance novels to read this Valentine’s Day. My list is made up of romance novels I’ve read this past year but feel free to recommend me some more in the comments. I read romance novels year-round and I am open to genres.

Please Note: There are some HarperCollins novels on this list. I have included links to read up on the Union’s fight for a livable wage. As of February 9th, the Union has reached a tentative agreement with the company but asks readers to continue holding the line.

Accidentally Amy by Lynn Painter

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self Published

Available: Kindle Unlimited

Content Warnings: sexual content, alcohol

Amy hits it off with a stranger at a coffee shop on her first day of work, only to discover soon after that she’s flirted with the Vice President of her job. Amy and Blake have such great chemistry together they decide to remain friends outside of work. But can they fight their attraction for the sake of their friendship?

Part office romance, part texting fix, Accidentally Amy is crack for rom-com lovers. I recommend this novel if you love cozy romances with ample snuggles and silliness.

Ten trends to seduce your best friend by Penny Reid

Genre: Adult, Stem Romance, Contemporary

Publisher: Cipher-Naught

Available: everywhere

Content Warnings: sexual content, sexual harassment, abandonment, alcohol, death of a parent, child abuse

Winnie makes STEM videos online and is looking to grow her following. So, she enlists Byron, a best-selling author and casual acquaintance, to pretend to be her best friend for the sake of her videos. But Winnie slowly realizes Byron is pretty amazing.

This one is for the Stem baddies. If you like fake dating romances, you’ll probably love Ten trends to seduce your best friend.

Twice a Quinceañera by Yamile Saled Mendez

Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Publisher: Kensington Books

Available: Everywhere

Content Warnings: Body Shaming, Infidelity, Sexual Content, Death of a parent

Nadia breaks off her engagement to her cheating ex but rather than lose her deposit on her venue, Nadia decides to throw herself a fabulous 30th birthday party. But Nadia’s shocked to learn the venue owner is none other than her college boyfriend, Marcus.

Cheating exes and rekindling your college romance, Twice a Quinceañera is the perfect read if you feel like your life is in a slump. I recommend this one if you love a headstrong protagonist who finally chooses themselves.

A lot like Adios by Alexis Daria

Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Publisher: Avon (an imprint of Harper Collins)

Check out how you can help the Harper Collins Union secure a living wage here

Available: Everywhere

Content Warnings: Sexual Content, Alcohol, Emotional abuse

Michelle hasn’t seen her childhood best friend Gabriel since he kissed her and then left for college. But then Mich receives an unexpected email asking her for help redesigning his company’s website; old feelings resurface, and things heat up fast.

Friends to enemies to lovers, A lot like Adios delivers both smut and drama. I recommend this romance if you’re in the mood for a second chance romance and family silliness.

A proposal they can’t refuse by Natalie Caña

Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Publisher: Mira books an imprint of Harper Collins

Check out how you can help the Harper Collins Union secure a living wage here

Available: Everywhere

Content Warnings: Sexual Content, Cancer, Grief, Death of a Parent

Kamilah and Liam have been friends since they were kids but had a falling out early into adulthood when both of their grandfathers team up and blackmail them into marrying before they pass. If they refuse, they’ll sell the building both of their businesses are in.

Fake engagement but a very real attraction to this friends-to-lovers novel is great if you like great chemistry, meddling abuelos, and cooking.

Our way back to always by Nina Moreno

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Available: Everywhere

Content Warnings: Grief, Death of a Parent, Cancer, Panic Attacks, Car accident, Pregnancy

Sam and Luisa decide to rekindle their friendship and complete a bucket list they wrote in middle school together. But former friends also ignite a romance.

Friends to lovers and the cutest beach town setting, pick up Our Way back to Always if you’re in the mood for a cute romance with a little emotional punch.

From Lukov with love by Mariana Zapata

Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary,

Publisher: Self Published

Available: KU and most retailers

Content Warnings: Sexual Content, Body Shaming, Stalking, Bullying

Jasmine Santos believes she’d never compete as a pair skater again, but when gold medalist Ivan Lukov asks Jasmine to be his partner for the skating season, she cannot refuse. Even if Jasmine rather pushes Ivan in front of a bus.

Rivals on the ice to bickering partners, From Lukov with Love is perfect for fans of enemies to lovers.

West Side love story by Priscilla Oliveras

Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Mariachi

Publisher: Montlake/ Amazon

Available: KU and most retailers

Content Warnings: Sexual Content, Sexism, Grief, Abandonment, ICE

Mariana and Angelo come from two rival mariachi families and are competing against each other in San Antonio’s battle of the bands. And despite all of this, the two find themselves drawn to the other.

Romeo and Juliet get a mariachi spin in West Side Love story. This novel is perfect if your type is a dreamy mariachi man or woman.

Honorable mentions

Wedding crasher by Mia Sosa

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Avon (an imprint of HarperCollins)

Check out how you can help the Harper Collins Union secure a livable wage here

Available: Everywhere

CW: Sexual content, Abandonment, Alcohol, Misogny

After Solange Perreira overhears the bride confessing her love for someone who is not the groom, she decides she must stop the wedding and prevent a huge mistake. The groom is bummed but forms a friendship with his wedding crasher and later asks her to fake date him so he can win a promotion at work.

This friends to lovers, with a twist of “and they were roommates,” is the perfect read to get you out of any reading slump.

Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik

Genre: Adult, Science fiction, Space Opera, Romance

Publisher: Harper Voyager

(Check out the HarperCollins Union’s IG page for more ways to help)

Available: Everywhere

CW: Sexual content, Murder, Confinement, kidnapping

Ada von Hasenberg ran away from her father and her bethroed and forged her own destiny. But then Ada’s captured by bounty hunters and meets the most dangerous outlaw in the galaxy, Marcus Loch. The two form an unlikely alliance, but can they fight their attraction for each other and save the galaxy?

This Sci-Fi enemies to lovers is a steamy space adventure perfect for Han and Leia shippers.


A Ruin of Roses by K.F. Breene

Genre: Adult, Fantasy Romance, Crack Fantasy

Publisher: Hazy Dawn Press

Available: KU, most retailers

CW: Sexual Content, Violence, gore, death of a parent

Finely’s the only healer in her village who risks her life running through the forbidden woods to gather ingredients for her healing elixirs. But one night, she encounters the beast who drags her back to his castle.

This beauty and the beast retelling is a hilarious delight, and I recommend it for fans of stabby heroines, stubborn shapeshifters, and spicy fantasy series. 

I am open to more romance recommendations even if there’s a crumb of romance, I’ll consider it!

until next time I’ll be living in libros,


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