My top 7 Spring books for 2023

Hey book lovers!

March has been a tough month for me and I’ve struggled to read. Partly due to stress and partly due to the fact that fanfictions are bringing me great comfort during this time. But how are you, reader?

I wanted to start April off with a celebration of spring! In the past I’ve compiled a list of great books to read during the pastel season otherwise known as spring. The novels on the list are not necessarily set in spring but their tone, theme, and covers give spring vibes! And that’s good enough for me!

Spring recs for younger readers

Tea dragon society by Kay O’Neil

Genre: Young Adult, Graphic Novel, LGBTQ+, fantasy, cozy!

First, in a series of graphic novels, Tea Dragon Society’s bright colors and cozy storytelling is perfect for spring.

After finding a lost Tea Dragon, Greta learns about the ancient art of caring for these dragons and harvesting their leaves for tea. Greta also befriends Minette, who can’t seem to remember much of her past but warms up to Greta.

Our Way Back to Always by Nina Moreno

Genre: Young Adult, romance, friends to lovers

Content Warning: Death of a parent, cancer, teen pregnancy, panic attacks, car accident

Second chance romance? No Second chance best friends with romance thrown in is where it’s at.

Luisa Patterson and Sam Alvarez have not spoken to each other since middle school but when Lou finds an old journal with a bucket list of things, they both wanted to accomplish before high school graduation she knows she needs to finish it. And when Sam finds out he decides to join her. But old feelings stir when Lou asks Sam to be her first kiss and soon the pair begin to wonder what it would be like as more than friends.

Princess Jellyfish

Genre: Manga, romance

Content Warnings: Homophobia, sexual assault, sexual violence

It’s been a while since I recommended this Manga series, and what a shame! Princess Jellyfish forever!! This manga series is the perfect spring read with its themes of fashion design, self confidence and friendship.

Tsukimi Kurashita moved to Tokyo to pursue her dream of becoming an illustrator but often becomes overwhelmed in the big city. One night she meets a stylish Princess who helps her rescue a jellyfish from the pet store, and Tsukimi allows her to sleep over. The next morning Tsukimi realizes that the princess isn’t who she thought she was, and everything kicks off.

West Side Story by Priscella Oliveras

Genre: Romance, enemies to lovers

Content Warning: sexual content, mentions ICE, death of a parents

This Romeo and Juliet retelling featuring Mariachi rival families is the perfect combo of enemies to lovers and family loyalty.

Mariana Capuleta and her sisters have set their sights on winning the battle of the bands and their toughest competition, The Montero family. Mariana and Angelo have grown up in the shadow of their family’s rivalry, and it’s threatening to get both families kicked out of the competition. But just as Mariana and Angelo agree to put their differences aside, romance blossoms between them, but will their love be enough to end the feud?

Accidentally Amy by Lynn Painter

Genre: Romance, friends to lovers, cozy,

Content Warning: a little smutty, alcohol

Stolen coffee to meet cute with your boss? If you’re into cozy romances, check out Accidentally Amy.

Isabella Shay’s running late to her new job and decides to steal someone’s order at the coffee shop, which leads her to flirt with Blake Philips, the Vice President at her new job. A relationship between them is highly inappropriate despite their great chemistry, but there is nothing in the company’s policy that says they cannot stay friends. But between the constant texting and stolen rain kisses, the only people they’re fooling are themselves.

Deal With the Elf King by Elise Kova

Genre: Fantasy, romance, enemies to lovers,

CW: Sexual content, kidnapping, forced marriage

The most popular of enemies to lovers there ever was Hades and Persophone retellings are essential for spring reading.

The balance between the human and elf world relies on the marriage made between a human woman and an elf king because the magic of the seasons depends on it. Luella is content to work as her village’s healer when she’s chosen to marry Eldas the cold elf king. Eldas and Luella are tired of this tradition and work together to break the cycle but will their feelings for each other allow them to go their separate ways in the end?

A Witch’s guide to fake dating a demon

Genre: Romance, urban fantasy

Content Warnings: Sexual content

Currently reading this story and it is giving cozy spring vibes, so I am recommending it for the spring season.

Mariel Spark hopes to gain control of her powers but so far, she’s only been successful in the garden. That is until she accidentally summons Ozroth, a demon, and instead of selling her soul, Mariel plans to fake date her demon roommate.

Those are my top picks for this spring season If you have any book recommendations that you think I’d like please leave them in the comments! If you’re wondering how I am doing watch this clip below.

until next time book lovers I’ll be living in libros,


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