Read the Grim Reaper’s Lawyer now!

The Grim Reaper’s lawyer by Mea Monique was recommended to me by Sciondukes on tiktok (check them out!). And whoa, this was such a cool and entertaining read. This book has some spicy scenes so if thats not your thing I have some great YA recommendations you can check out.

The author’s a lawyer herself, and it makes the world of this novel more real. I really liked the take of a corporate underworld, and the romance aspect of this story is delicious. I love books that are great at balancing the romance and the plot, which I believe this novel does well.


Joyce’s life comes to an end when her client murders her in the courtroom. But when Joyce awakens, she’s sitting in a black-and-white office and across from the grim reaper himself, Aiden Kim. Aiden’s super handsome, but he’s in hot water and needs a lawyer. Joyce isn’t keen to represent Aiden, who has already managed to irritate her, but if she doesn’t she’ll go straight to hell.

While hell’s terrifying, working with the reapers is not so bad. The reapers teleport themselves down to earth during lunch, where they have the pick of any restaurant anywhere in the world. And the other reapers are hilarious good friends.

But as Joyce unravels Aiden’s case, she’s left with more questions. And Aiden looks more handsome by day, but she shouldn’t date him, right. While things heat up with Joyce and Aiden, something sinister is brewing with the reapers, and they want Joyce and Aiden dead. The pair stick close together and try to keep each other alive while proving Aiden’s innocence.


The world that Mea Monique created in The Grim Reaper’s Lawyer was incredible! The Grim Reaper’s world is corporate with an accounting, IT, and HR department. I loved this element as it allowed Joyce to slay the office outfits. Additionally, it allowed Joyce to meet reapers from other departments and become super close to them. One of the reapers Joyce becomes besties with is Yirah, and she’s awesome.

Aiden and Joyce are both POC, and I liked that the author chose to make them an interracial couple. Aiden is guarded and a bit of a grump who soon softens around Joyce. Aiden and Joyce are super cute together. They bond over losing their parents at a young age and growing up in the foster care system. I thought this point was heartbreaking but makes sense given both their personalities. I also loved that Aiden calls Joyce Joy. 

The end of this novel was satisfying and incredible. The main storyline with Joyce’s case is wrapped perfectly, with a bombshell secret revealed! I did not expect that plot point at all, but the extra drama was exciting. But the novel does not end there. The story continues, and Aiden and Joyce must save the underworld and their souls in the process. I really loved this extra plot in this novel because it kept things interesting. It also set up the next book in the series, and I am excited to read it.

I recommend the Grim Reapers lawyer if you’re looking for a fun urban fantasy read with a black female lead who kicks butt!

Content Warning: Sexual Content, Murder, Death, Gun violence, past car accident

As always book lovers keep living in libros,


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