Accidentally Amy

This Kindle Unlimited read is pure fluff and cuteness. Kindle Unlimited is a great resource if you enjoy binge reading and finding new authors. A lot of novels on kindle unlimited are self published, so it’s cool way to find more books from indie authors.


Isabella Shay’s running late to her first day at a new job, so when the barista calls out a PSL for Amy, who never shows, she takes it. But soon after spills it all on a handsome stranger whose more than understanding they hit off. After arriving at her new office, Isabella’s introduced to Blake Philips, VP of her department, and none other than the handsome stranger from Starbucks. 

This turn of events has put the brakes on Blake and Isabella’s possible relationship because neither of them want to risk their jobs for dating a coworker. But they compromise on an adorable friendship. The more time Blake and Isabella spend as besties, the more attached they become to each other, and soon they’re entangled in each other’s lives. But can their friendship thrive despite their attraction to one another?


I honestly thought this story would drag out the accidental name slip throughout the story because I’ve read so many stories that do. But Accidentally Amy does not follow that predictable plot. And I am forever grateful because I would have put this book down very quickly. Instead, this story’s conflict stems from both characters wanting something more than a friendship but being unable to cross the line. This tension adds to the drama and makes their eventual coupling much better.

She got a calf cramp on the next block which was how he ended up giving her a piggyback ride. Never, in his wildest dreams, would he have imagined that hauling a woman with an armful of flowers around on his back while dodging face painters and balloon-animal artists would go down as of his very best days.

Lynn Painter
Accidentally Amy

This novel is greatly written and has a lot of pop culture references ranging from Reylo to the Darking to 365, and it all adds to the charm of this short romance. What I loved about this novel was that everything from the setting, to the characters, to the references, turns the novel into a cozy and charming read.

Throughout this story Isabella and Blake toy with the idea that fate brought them together. And it does seem that way, but I got lost in this cozy read and did not think much about it until the end when it’s revealed that Blake and Isabella have the same middle name. The author has me believing in fate now too. It was a simple touch, but I felt like it brought the story full circle.

I really recommend this novel if you’re looking for a quick romance read or your next KU read. This book has plenty of smut scenes too! There’s even an entanglement in an elevator. Don’t skip out on Accidentally Amy!

CW: sexual content, alcohol

Until next time book lovers I’ll be living in libros,


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