I loved Kiss me, Catalina more than West Side Love Story

Hey booklovers, I interrupt our Lunar Chronicles review for some contemporary romance reviews just in time for Valentine’s Day. But not to worry, I will return to my review of Cress and Winter in March.

Priscella Olvieras has done it again! The queen of latine rom com has released the sequel to West Side love story, a mariachi Romeo and Juliet retelling. Kiss me, Catalina, the sequel, is just as explosive, but this time Oliveras has taken inspiration from Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.” 

But don’t write this one off if you hated that particular Shakespeare play, Kiss Me, Catalina is a loser interpretation.


After Catalina Capuleta and her sisters win the battle of the bands, Catalina has the opportunity to join mariachi legend Patricio Galán on tour. Patricio challenges Cat at every turn, but Cat’s got her eye on the prize. She’s set on helping Patricio write some songs for his upcoming album, even if the man rather sneak off to Mexico during his time off. 

Patricio finds Cat sexy and confident despite her stubborn nature. He’s attractive to her, but starting a tour romance and forever linking Cat to him is not in the cards. But sparks fly when the two fly out to Puerto Vallarta for a writing retreat. Soon the pair are confessing some secrets and stealing kisses. But can they take their relationship to the next level, or will it burn out before it really begins.


When I say this novel is a loose interpretation of the taming of the shrew, I am not exaggerating when I say loose. This novel stands entirely on its own, but it does have some similarities with the play. For example, the characters’ names and Catalina’s sister, Blanca has her own romance with a mariachi named Luciano. 

Additionally, the original play emphasized that Katherina was a shrew because she’s headstrong and opinionated which are much of the same traits Catalina shares. While both Petruchio and Patricio are wealthy men, that’s the extent of their similarities. 

I liked West Side Love story and the forbidden romance element, but I loved Kiss Me, Catalina. This sequel is simply electric! Not only are readers treated to some more Capuleta family moments but Blanca’s origin story and the reason Cat is so outspoken. I loved getting to know Cat in this novel, and I would not complain if there were more novels about her. She’s an interesting character.

“A strange jitteriness buzzed inside her-a mix of euphoria, madre-de-Dios disbelief, and revenge-inspired satisfaction.”

Kiss Me, Catalina
Priscilla Oliveras

The romance in this novel is a slow simmer. Because both Patricio and Catalina have rough relationships with their biological fathers, the pair hesitate to date. There are some cuddle sessions and lots of stolen moments between the two that  amp up their relationship to pure fluff. And I enjoyed every second of it.

Of course, because both leads are heart-throbbing mariachi singers, the ending of this novel is super sweet and involves a heartwarming serenade. I didn’t realize this was something I needed in a mariachi romance until now. Seriously, I loved this book so much.

Fun fact time-I saw a tik tok of author Priscella Oliveras where she said she based Patricio and Catalina’s features after Alejandro Fernadez and Selena Quintanilla, and I cannot unsee it. Even Patricio’s father in this novel is named Vincente, a clear ode to the recently departed marachi legend Vincente Fernandez. 

If you’re looking for your next romance read or simply your next musician romance, consider picking up, Kiss Me, Catalina. Doesn’t hurt that this cover is gorgeous too.

Content Warnings: death of a parent, abandonment, emotional abuse

until next time book lovers

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