Rent a Boyfriend: a cute winter read to say bye to Spring

Before I start this review I wanted to leave some links to support the Asian American community. In case you don’t know what happened in the US this past week 8 people of Asian descent were killed because of ongoing Covid racism and ignorance. If you witness hate aimed at Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders you can report the incident to the Stop AAPI Hate website.

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A few years ago at the Los Angeles Festival of books, I listened to Gloria Chao confess that she named the love interest in American Panda after Sailor Moon’s boyfriend. I found it adorable and never forgot it.

 Coincidentally, I stumbled across Rent a boyfriend while browsing and decided to pick it up, unaware it’s penned by the same author.

Rent a Boyfriend is a novel by Gloria Chao that you might recognize from such books as American Panda and Our Wayward Fate. 

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Black Witch Magic is a spooky Christmas read

Family curses, paranormal investigators, a witch working as a librarian? Black Witch Magic was a novel I knew I needed to read. 

Thank you Netgalley for providing me an arc in exchange for my honest review.


Selene Blackstone’s trapped in her small New England town, courtesy of her family curse. Selene’s unable to leave or find true love. Aiden’s a paranormal investigator with a web series looking to investigate Selene’s hometown and the ghost of Selene’s grandmother. 

But when strange things happen to people in town everyone is side-eyeing Selene believing she’s descended from witches. They aren’t wrong. However, Selene’s more interested in exploring the world of books than causing chaos.

When Aiden and Selene meet insults are thrown, but the two keep finding their way back to each other



This novel’s a cute Halloween Christmas read. If you’re the kind of person who prefers a spooky Christmas, then consider reading this one.

I liked the supporting characters in this story, especially Selene’s BFF Noelle, a nature witch, who keeps running from her cute ex. Noelle’s convinced Aiden’s a fuck boy and is worried Selene’s dickmatized.

“Selene, how are you dickmatized before the dick?

Her jaw dropped midbite of her crisp bagel, cheeks heating up. “I’m not dickmatized!”

Black Witch Magic Mila Nicks

And as Noelle’s caught up in Selene’s love life Selene’s also interested in seeing her bff happy as well.

The author, Mila Nicks, makes it a point to write romance novels featuring women of color, and as Selene’s Black and a witch, I expected those two things to work against her in her small town. However, everyone in town is more concerned she’s a witch. However Selene’s boss, Miriam, is aggressively mean to her, her weariness is pointed towards Selene’s witchy reputation. But I think Selene’s race also plays into Miriam’s prejudice.

Selene’s bff Noelle is also a witch and Miriam also loathes her, but Selene’s scenes with her boss hint at microaggressions. At least that’s how I was reading it.

I wish this novel developed more of the magic of the universe, explored more of Luna’s history via Selene’s weird uncle, as well as Aiden’s paranormal web series. I think it would have been interesting to see Selene and Aiden team up and investigate spirit boxes included. 

I hope the sequel does explore more of the paranormal investigator subplot as I am a ho for ghost investigations.

Until next time I’ll be living in libros,


Nocturna: or two idiots fall in love in Latin America

Hello booklovers! Today’s review is an idiots to lovers story courtesy of romantic prince and a stubborn theif, That’s right today am reviewing Nocturna by Maya Motayne.  Nocturna is Maya Motayne’s debut novel and the first in the Forgery of Magic series. This series is high fantasy, set in Latin America, and contains lots of […]

Mini review: Blacker than Blue

Hello readers! I am back with another smutty vampire review! Blacker than Blue is the sequel to Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Better off Red, a sapphic vampire love story which I reviewed last week. Blacker than Blue is set in the same sorority house and follows Cleo and Benny, two side characters we met in Better off […]

Somewhere between Bitter and Sweet by Laekan Zea Kemp is a must read for 2021

Hello readers! Today I’m going to review an upcoming latinx book. Originally, I planned to read Somewhere Between Bitter during Latinx heritage month, but because I have no self-control, I began another book series (Hidden Legacy but Ilona Andrews). And my carefully crafted tbr was swallowed into the abyss. If you would like to read those reviews, you can find them here.

Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet is the newest novel by Leakan Zea Kemp set to debut April 2021. And the cover is simply gorgeous!

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Fall in love with a Maya Death God in Gods of Jade and Shadow

Do you love reading about baddies in lit? We all know I do! What about reading about death gods? Mayan mythology? Road trips? 1920s Mexico? Then Gods of Jade and Shadow is probably the book for you!

Gods of Jade and Shadow is an adult fantasy novel set during the Jazz Age and in Mexico. Author of Mexican Gothic, Silvia Moreno-Garcia pens a fantastical adult fantasy story about revenge, love, and redemption.

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Keep an eye on Historically inaccurate

“Hey sunshine”

Is what Mr. Ethan Winston of Historically Inaccurate would say!

Hi readers! Remember last week when I shared some of my favorite quotes from Historically Inaccurate? Well today I’m sharing my review for the novel. I received an advanced readers copy of Historically Inaccurate in exchange for my honest review thanks to the team at Colored Pages Blog Tours.

Historically Inaccurate is a new adult story by debut author Shay Bravo. Historically Inaccurate was originally on Wattpad but is now going to be published for the masses. This novel features diverse characters, a Black love interest, College clownery, and finding yourself.

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Add Dear Martin to the top of your TBR

“I scored a 1560 and a 34 on my SATs and ACTs respectively, and despite growing up in a “bad” area (not too far from your old stomping grounds), I have a future ahead of me that will likely include an Ivy League education, an eventual law degree, and a career in public policy. Sadly during the wee hours of this morning, literally none of that mattered.” 

Dear Martin Nic Stone
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Read Odd One Out!

I considered myself to be a very inclusive reader, someone who reads books by BIPOC authors, but one glance at my Goodreads tells me that I can do better. So I decided to begin June reading Odd One Out by Nic Stone. Not only is Odd One Out an Own Voices novel, literature written by someone who identifies as a part of the same marginalized book as their character(s), but it’s also YA, which makes it accessible to many. Is it just me, or does anyone else have trouble comprehending some of the older literature with its superfluous vocabulary? I studied English in college, and during my first years, reading Shakespeare was a struggle!

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Beautiful Bastard was not what I was expecting

It’s been a while since my last post and safe to say the quarantine stress finally got to me. To combat it, I threw myself into sewing and watching animal crossing streams. That was great and all, but I was not able to focus on reading nor creating content for this blog.

I’m feeling much better now, and I hope to be able to get some bookish crafts up soon. For now, though, here is a book review for Beautiful Bastard.

Beautiful Bastard is one of the first books best writing friends Christina and Lauren published together. The first draft of Beautiful Bastard was a twilight inspired fanfiction written by Christina. Although readers won’t be able to tell while reading Beautiful Bastard. To read more about the origins of Christina Lauren, check out this interview.

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