Add the Wedding Crasher to your tbr and your cart!

Mia Sosa is one of my favorite Latinx writers, so when I discovered she had written a squeal to the Worst Best Man, I knew I had to read it.

Once again, readers will be able to dive into an adorable romance novel and reacquaint themselves with familiar characters and delicious Brazilian cuisine.

Thank you Netgalley, for the Advanced readers’ copy.


It’s Solange Pereira’s last summer in DC, and she’s stuck helping her cousin Lina, wedding planner extraordinaire, on a random couple’s big day. But when Solange accidentally overhears a guest confessing their love to the bride she knows she cannot simply sit and watch.

Dean Chapman takes the news in stride. Despite his marriage of convenience going up in flames, he’s ready to move on and focuses on the next phase of his plan, becoming a partner at his law firm. But his next assignment requires him to have a significant other, and in a moment of panic, he confesses to dating his wedding crasher. 

Now Dean has to convince Solange to fake date him. Solange feels a little guilty for breaking up Dean’s marriage, so she agrees. But the more dates Solange and Dean go on, the more they start to realize how well they fit into each other’s lives. But can they open their hearts to each other before it’s too late?


The Wedding Crasher was the perfect companion piece to the Worst Best Man. Mia Sosa has an extraordinary talent for creating cozy romantic comedies that make me want to devour them and then lament that it’s over. The chemistry between the two leads was perfect, and I felt that their romance was well-paced despite their quick introductions. 

This novel is a sequel and has recurring characters, but readers won’t feel out of the loop if they have not read or forgotten the events of Worst Best Man. But if you have, don’t worry because Max and Lina do have several cameos.

Dean and Solange are an adorable couple, and even goofier friends. One of my favorite scenes in this novel is when Solange makes Dean model his clothes for her, including an impromptu fashion show with Solange as the emcee. ( I will have to try that sometime)

I loved that Solange brought out the best in Dean. She made him reevaluate his perfectly organized life. Dean never thought love would factor into his life and prepared to marry solely based on convenience. But Solange causes him to reconsider, not by telling him but by inviting him into her family. Solange grew up with cousins who she considers siblings and aunts who filled both maternal and paternal roles. While Dean never had a stable home and a mom who followed her heart first and considered her actions later. So when Dean quickly became part of a Brazilian family, it was heartwarming to read about. 

During the third act break up, I was upset with Dean for letting Solange’s family go when they had a mutual love for each other. Speaking of the breakup I was relieved when it wasn’t as drawn-out and full of emotional misunderstanding as other breakup scenes. Ahem, The Love Hypothesis. Rather both Solange and Dean are in agreement about their breakup because they’re both cowards.

The resolution to this book is simply hilarious. I loved that it became a family effort to push both of these two together.

I felt that the Wedding Crasher was the perfect sequel to the Worst Best Man. I would recommend it to rom-com, fake dating, and bed-sharing lovers. 

CW: Abandonment trauma, sexy scenes, alcohol consumption

I loved this novel and I think it was the perfect sequel to the Worst Best Man. I’ll continue to read Mia Sosa’s work because it slaps.

Once again thanks Netgally, Avon books, and Mia Sosa for the copy. If you want your own copy, The Wedding Crasher is officially out tomorrow! That’s all for me this week until next time I’ll be living in libros,


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