Not Your Ex’s Hexes Review!

April Asher has penned lots of romance novels but never paranormal romance until her Supernatural Singles series. The Supernatural singles series follows the Maxwell sisters, who are witches, as they navigate love and their world of paranormal beings and politics. Not your Ex’s Hexes is the second novel in this series following a witch and a half demon as they fall in love.

Thank you Netgalley and St.Martin’s Griffin for the ARC. All opinions are my own. Not Your Ex’s Hexes released earlier this month so go out and request at your local library or retailer.


Rose Maxwell’s sentenced to community service after trespassing on private property and attempting to free a horse. But Rose did not know that the horse she tried to recuse, was already living in an animal sanctuary. And an even bigger shock, the veterinarian of the sanctuary, Damian Adams, is her one-night stand who she cannot seem to forget.

Now that the pair spend even more time together they realize they cannot fight the tension they share and becoming friends with benefits just makes sense. But then Rose decides she wants to work as a hunter, someone who captures misbehaving paranormal beings, but Daiman knows first hand how dangerous the job can get and disapproves. But Rose is stubborn and Damian ends up joining her for her own safety.

But all this extra time together makes Damian and Rose develop feelings and a relationship between them could work if Damian wasn’t hexed. Damian’s ex-girlfriend hexed him as a teen and if he ever falls in love he’ll lose his humanity. And as much as Damian’s like Rose he cannot give her what she ultimately wants…or can he?


Not your Ex’s Hexes is a great romance if you’re looking for something fun and paranormal. I really enjoyed the way this novel explored the world that this novel is set in—both humans and paranormals being coexist. The supernatural even have their own rules and councils that oversee them. 

Additionally the inclusion of the Maxwell sisters as the chaotic triplet pairing was wonderful. The book begins with the sisters and their Succubus friend, Harper, attempting to steal a horse. My interest was immediately piqued! And the trio only continue with their shenanigans throughout the whole series. So if you love a bit of comedy with your romance add it to your list.

However I did find out after I finished this novel that this is the second novel in the supernatural singles series. Of course you do not need to read the first novel to understand this one. However I just might because I found Violet and Lincoln (book one protagonists) fascinating!

This series was entertaining and a great paranormal read but I did feel myself dragging through this book in some parts especially the end. One of the things I did notice in this novel is that Rose does not use her magic powers very often. I thought that was interesting because in a lot of books and media featuring witches, they often use their powers for little things as well. But not Rose! But I do think this is a great paranormal romance if you need a weekend distraction. This novel also has a fair amount of sexual content in it if you love your smut scenes consider adding this one to your TBR.

Content Warnings: Sexual Content, blood, mentions of animal cruelty, animal death

until next time book lovers you can find me living in libros,


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