Scarlet the unhinged sequel to Cinder

Last week, I shared my review on Cinder, Marissa Meyer’s sci-fi Cinderella retelling. Well, the fairytales continue with it’s sequel, Scarlet.

This time Meyer brings two new protagonists into the mix and a dreamy thieving pilot who brings the chaos.

Scarlet brings the story of little red riding hood and the Big bad Wolf into a futuristic France. But while their story unfolds, Cinder and Kai are trying their hardest to keep the world from crumbling. But who is watching out for them!


Cinder manages to break out of jail with the help of a cocky pilot, Thorne, the two race to the Eruopean union hoping to find the key to her past. In France Scarlet watches men mock the image of Cinder fleeing from the ball in a tavern. 

On the other side of the world in the European union, Scarlet a young farmer defends Cinders from a group of crusty male haters at a tavern who make lewd comments about her body. That same day Scarlet meets Wolf a peculiar young man who seems lost about the ways of the technology and he asks Scarlet for a job on her farm. Scarlet declines but when she returns home her father and acting erratic. He warns Scarlet that her grandmother has been kidnapped and questioned for information from long ago and they will come for her next. 

But Scarlet is not easily spooked and soon sets off with Wolf to Paris to confront the group who has taken her grandmother. However Scarlet was not prepared for the secrets that would unravel.

Meanwhile emperor Kai does his best to keep war from breaking out between New Beijing and Lunar but Cinders escapes infuriates Queen Levana. Deep down Kai hopes Cinder is never found but he also feels utterly betrayed by her. But Levena puts pressure on Kai and now the threats of war are not so much threats anymore.


I loved that Cinder begins this novel breaking out of prison and fighting for her freedom. Although she might not be entirely free now that she’s learned she’s the infamous princess Selene and is the new beijing and lunar’s most wanted list I am glad she’s away from New Beijing.

A win is a win.

However, I wasn’t a big fan of this sequel, and the main reason was because I did not like Scarlet and Wolf’ story. I thought the concept of having superhuman wolf hybrids was a great way to place the big bad wolf into a sci-fi setting. And the wolves themselves are a bit unhinged because they war with their animal instincts and because they’re unaccustomed to life on earth. Wolf’s always a bit lost with the technology of the world.

That said I did not understand the wolves relevance to the overall story until the end. I just could not suspend my disbelief and even though it connects back to Queen Levana in the end I was bored and found myself awaiting Cinder’s chapters.

Additionally, Scarlet and Wolf’s love story was rushed in opinion. The two meet and in less than a week have a make out session on the way to Paris. Which is fine get it Scarlet. But as a result, Wolf feels tied to Scarlet and I felt as though they did not have that deep of a bond for both of them to proclaim such loyalty and love for each other.

“We met less than a week ago and in that time I’ve done nothing but lie and cheat and betray you. I know. But if you give me a chance…all I want is to protect you. To be near you. For as long as I’m able.”

Marissa Meyer

I would have liked a slower burn for them given we’ll follow the characters again in the next two stories. However I should not complain too much because Cinder and Kai might be the ultimate slow burn couple in this series. 

But if there is one character that shines in this novel is newcomer Captain Thorne, ex-military turned wanted fugitive. He reminds me a lot of Han Solo so he’s an instant favorite. Thorne’s also a big flirt but Cinder has too much on her mind to fall for his charms. Although Thorne’s motivation for remaining with Cinder are a bit unclear to me because he doesn’t seem like the type to play hero and Cinder does not owe him in any way. It makes me think that Thorne might sell out Cinder in the future. But I also suspect his character might become the next love interest.

Thorne waved his hand. “They already showed the clips. And now you’ve achieved the dream of every red-blooded girl under the age of twenty-five.”

“Right, my life is a real dream come true.”

Thorne wiggled his eyebrow. “Maybe not, but at least dreamy Prince Kai knows your name.”

Marissa Meyer

While Scarlet wasn’t my favorite novel in the series, I look forward to reading the rest of this series. Until my next review besties let’s all live in libros,


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  1. Hello, again! Fair and solid points were made, although I must say I am a sucker for this story :D. Cinder and Kai are the slow burn couple for sure haha…there is just a lot for them to deal with lmao And yes…Thorne was my highlight. He definitely does shine, I’m intrigued to see what you think of him in the next two books! Also curious about your thoughts on Iko?! Her fangirl tendencies just speak to me!

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