Twice a Quinceañera is a perfect love letter to your thirties

Hello Readers! Latinx/e heritage month is upon us! And while I have many great recommendations from years past, I’ve also had the pleasure of reading some newly released romance novels with Latina authors this year. And the one I want to highlight first is Yamile Saied Méndez Twice a Quinceañera.

Twice a Quinceañera is a contemporary romance novel featuring the ultimate revenge and self-love journey. Told through dual pov of both Nadia and Marcus, this story is a great weekend read.


After Nadia Palacio catches her fiance cheating on her, she’s left with a nonrefundable venue, and with her family flying in from around the world, Nadia decides to celebrate herself. Except switching her party over to a double quince proves to be more challenging than Nadia anticipated. Things get more complex when the venue’s manager turns out to be Marcus, her brief college boyfriend, and he looks as handsome as ever.


Twice a Quinceañera is an awesome contemporary novel. I loved how this novel explored Nadia’s journey into self love and independence. From the beginning Nadia’s aware that she’s unhappy in her relationship, so when she catches her fiance cheating, she is relieved. And when Nadia’s assigned a case she morally opposes at her law firm, she realizes she’s unhappy at her job and quits.

These two incidents cause Nadia to realize just how unfilled she’s felt. Although being a lawyer comes with prestige and bragging rights via her family, ultimately, Nadia relizes the law firm she works for doesn’t identify with her career goals. She loves being a lawyer, but she doesn’t love answering to her boss. Both these changes are momentous on their own, but right in the middle of these events Nadia meets Marcus.

Nadia and Marcus spent one summer together during college, and it isn’t until they meet again that Nadia confesses she always thought of Marcus as the one that got away. And when Nadia recalls her summer with Marcus, it sounds perfect. They both understood each other emotionally and intimately. And Nadia realizes she deserves an understanding partner that brings out her best qualities. 

Nadia begins questioning everything, and she comes up with the idea to celebrate her thirty birthday Instead of canceling everything. It’s a celebration of herself. And given what transpires in these first few scenes, it only made me excited and happy for her.

Twice a Quinceañera is dual POV, so while Nadia is trying to organize her party, we also get insight into Marcus. Marcus moved back home to care for his father and took over the family business, and now he’s navigating a new life in his hometown. He doesn’t expect to stay long and considers selling his family’s business, but when Nadia confesses her idea for a double quince, he realizes his family’s venue has more to offer than just weddings. And he realizes he wishes to move back permanently.

Marcus remembers his time with Nadia fondly and regrets leaving her. And what’s even more interesting is he recalls Nadia as super confident and head strong. Which is interesting because when we meet Nadia, she’s fed up with the person she’s become. Marcus’s impulsive decision to leave Nadia results from fear. He believed that he was too immature to give Nadia the kind of relationship she deserved, so he disappears from her life instead.

Marcus’s open to rekindling their romance, and the more time he spends with Nadia, the more enamored he becomes. But he will not let Nadia go without a fight.

I adored this second chance romance and how it highlighted self love and personal growth. I also liked that this story featured an Argentine protagonist and a Uruguayan love interest. I love reading about different cultures, but I also love reading about different Latin American cultures. Because while the Spanish language unites many countries in Latin America, their cultures, traditions, foods vary. And I love when books explore these things. 

But what I loved about this novel is how it highlights the message that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and pursue happiness.

All in all, if you’re looking for a quick romance read with an overall message about loving yourself and second chances, definitely pick up Twice a Quinceañera. 

until next time I’ll be living in libros,


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