This sequel made me cry but it was perfect!

Okay let’s talk Traitor Queen.

The sequel to The Bridge Kingdom novel is heart wrenching and frustrating and you might hate the heroine.

“Wishes were the dreams of fools.”

Danielle L. Jensen


Lara’s depressed and drinking the day away in Harendell with an ear on all the chisme relating to Ithicana when she hears that her father has Aren imprisoned in his palace. Lara risks it all to sail back to Eranhal to plot a rescue mission. But Lara’s going to need more than Ithicana’s help to rescue her husband. 

So Lara calls in the toughest warriors she knows, her sisters.

But rescuing Aren means reopening old wounds. And what Lara and Aren don’t expect are the unexpected allies and enemies they encounter in their plot to retake the bridge kingdom.


This is the perfect sequel to the Bridge Kingdom because it highlights Lara’s guilt and her heartbreak. Although I wanted Lara to earn the forgiveness of Ithicana, I liked that her path to forgiveness and eventual redemption is shaky and difficult. The hatred the Ithicanas had for Lara felt real, and I couldn’t blame them.

“You are my goddamned damnation, but there will never be anyone but you.”

— Danielle L. Jensen

Because the Ithicanas tolerate Lara as she attempts to help them regain their kingdom, I had little hope that she could reconcile with Aren. Although both of them are still in love with each other, Aren’s conflicted because he cannot have a traitor queen by his side.

Ultimately, I think what made this novel great is the fantastic writing.

Both novels in this series are binge-able, and I recommend for all enemies to lovers fans.

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