Goals for 2022

Happy New Year!

Hi Booklovers,

I hope your holidays were relaxing and full of love. Mine was kind of stressful but I am welcoming the new year with positive vibes.

Every New Year I like to write resolutions and this year I have some for this blog, so I thought I shared them.

Refresh the Site

My most ambitious goal is to redesign the entire website. I want to try out a new theme and update some sections on the site like the About Me tab. I also want to add new headers that I can switch out during the seasons.

Organize the Gram

Towards the end of 2021 I stopped posting on Instagram which I am sad about. I love to take bookish photographs, but I was not in the right head space, nor did I have the creative energy to do it. I want to rectify that this year and at least post a photo every week.

Post on Youtube

When I first launched my YouTube channel, I was excited to review my favorite novels, give K-drama recommendations, and share my current DIY projects; I soon felt overwhelmed and haven’t posted a video since Halloween. Although I am proud of the few videos I have up, I want to add more, maybe play around with my editing and my video style. I especially would love to add more DIY videos.

Try out Reels

Once Instagram launched their reels, I instantly wanted to try them, but after my first failed attempt at editing them, I wrote them off and never tried again. That is until I made one featuring my Christmas tree, and I discovered reels are not so hard!

No Reading Challenge

Since I began this blog, I have participated in the annual Goodreads reading challenge. And last year was the first year I did not complete my goal. I was very close! But that made me realize that I didn’t want to continue setting myself up with these reading goals when I already read so much.

So rather than focus on the quantity of books, I read this year I’m going to focus on picking books I actually enjoy. Which means I’m going to DNF (Quit reading) books I do not enjoy and not feel guilty about it.


One of the lessons I’m learning is when to take breaks. I thought I was good at taking steps back when I’m feeling overwhelmed, but I need to learn to take breaks before I reach that point. In other words, I need to step back before I overwhelm myself.

These are my main goals for my website and my social medias this year. What’s your main goal in 2022?

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