My Favorite Kindle Unlimited books (So Far)

This past June has been a really rough month for me. Luckily kindle unlimited has become a welcome distraction. On Kindle unlimited you can read all the books in the ice planet barbarian series, but once you finish up reading all that smut, check out these reads.

Oath taker (The Kingdom of Runes series)

by Audrey Grey

This 5 book series is by far my favorite series that I’ve read on kindle unlimited. The Haven and Stolas slow burn enemies to friends to lovers arc lives in my head rent-free.

This series follows Haven Ashwood-a stabby girl- whose main job is to protect her bestie, Prince Bellamy. But when Bellamy is kidnapped and taken to the underworld, it’s up to Haven to descend into the darkness to save him.

Moreover, Haven’s arcs throughout the series get better, and she ends up growing into more of a bad bitch than when she started the series. Haven also gets caught in a love triangle between a Sun Lord and a lord of the Underworld, which we all have the pleasure of living vicariously through. But besides the love story, another big theme about this series is friendship and the found family!

This series has some dull moments, but Haven’s characterization and interactions with the other characters kept me entertained and reading on. This series is classified as upper YA as it borders between YA and new adult. There are some sex scenes within the series as well.

The last novel in this series releases this fall, and you bet I’ll binge that too.

Deal with the Elf King

By Elise Kova

Starring a human healer, Luella, as she marries the Elf king Eldas, this novel follows the both of them as they work to save both the human and magical realm while also trying to build a friendship.

I enjoyed the slow burn romance in this novel and how Eldas slowly began to melt away his stubborn exterior. Additionally, I cannot forget the adorable shadow wolf sidekick. You can read my full review of this novel here.

Bad Vampire (The Cat Mckenzie series)

by Lauren Dawes

In the Cat Mckenzie series, a human and an Incubus team up to solve supernatural crimes together while also trying not to give into their attraction to each other.

This series of short ebooks are pure crack. Picture a heroine that’s unapologetic and always riding a sugar high, and you have Kat. In contrast, her partner Sawyer is a too serious Incubus who sometimes leaves Kat to do the heavy lifting. Their dynamic is entertaining, but it’s Kat’s hyper energy that will keep readers interested.

The books has some elements that I wasn’t a fan of, and yet I’ll probably continue this series because the story brings me joy. The first three novels are available to read right now with kindle unlimited.

(Update: I did not like where this series went in the fourth novel. I felt the author was a bit insensitive crafting the antagonist’s storyline and I felt uncomfortable continuing the series. Instead, I would recommend checking out the Venatrix chronicles if you like fantasy and fulfilling your destiny type of stories. The first novel is titled Daughters of Shade.

These are my favorite ebooks I’ve read so far on kindle unlimited. And I hope to find many more compelling ebooks as the summer goes on. If you decide to read one of these novels let me know (especially if it’s the Oath Taker series).

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