Believe nothing in Bone Crier’s Moon

Hello readers! I know you have all been busy living in books, but today I have a review for one of my most anticipated reads of 2020. I read this book back in the Spring, but saved my review for fall. I thought it would be a good spooky read, if you’re in the mood for a paranormal YA romance set in Medieval France.

Summarizing things

  • As a boy, Bastien watched a bone crier murder his father under the light of the moon, and ever since, Bastien has vowed revenge on these women of the night.
  • Ailesse and Sabine are bone criers, women who are tasked to lead the dead through the gates of Hell and Paradise, but before they can ferry the dead they must kill their soulmate-the the ultimate sacrifice to the gods.
  • On the night of Ailesse’s rite of passage, Bastien presents himself as her soulmate, all apart of his plan to take revenge against the bone criers. However, once Ailesse reveals that their souls are bound together and killing her would, in turn, kill Bastien his plans shift.
  • Bastien captures Ailesse hoping to lure the leader of the Bone Criers, her mother. Neither of them expected Ailesse’s mother to have plans of her own.
  • Sabine, Ailesse’s best friend, is determined to rescue her bestie but first, she must grow stronger and overcome her fears. Despite her leaders’ warning, Sabine is not quick to give up the search for her best friend.
  • Meanwhile, Bastien and Ailesse shift from enemies to fighting the developing feelings they have for each other. However, their soul bond ritual is already in motion, and if Ailesse does not kill Bastien in a year, they will both die.

“Far be it from me to deny anyone the chance to watch you slaughter the man of your dreams.”

Bone Crier’s Moon Kathryn Purdie 26


I think the setting of Bone Crier’s Moon is unique. All the characters had some very uncommon names, which are big clues for the setting. Despite that, it still took me some time to connect the dots. I give the author some style points for that.

The writing of this novel is very good and has lots of plot twists. So far, the only complaint I have is that there are not many people of color in this novel. Sabine has an olive skin tone, but aside from that brief mention, I could not conclude if she was a poc.

Additionally, Sabine was giving me vibes from the beginning that she was crushing on Ailesse, and I was here for it. I thought that would have been an interesting plot twist/ love triangle, but as I continued reading, I realized that was most definitely not where the author was going. Sabine does love Aliesse but not in the way I originally believed. I’m not mad at the direction the story went, but I do feel like a clown.

Earning graces, completing a rite of passage, and becoming a Ferrier are supposed to be choices, but the truth is they’re expected of us. No one in our famille has ever dared to shun the life we lead.”

Kathryn Purdie 25

I love the Enemies to Lovers trope, and the author sets up Bastien and Ailesse beautifully, but I wouldn’t have opposed to a reluctant friendship. These two go from enemies to crushing on each other and then to falling in love, skipping the whole friendship stage. Although they are technically enemies to lovers I wished their romantic subplot was more of a slow burn.

The Ending. Let’s talk about THAT ending!

Bone Crier’s Moon has a lot of plot twist but the one that riled me up the most was the introduction to Cas’s character. MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Cas is allegedly,  Ailesse’s real soul mate, but I’m calling that BS. Cas is super sus and when it’s revealed he is a prince with a dying father, I thought it was awfully convient that he claims to have caught a glance of Ailesse and heard her song the night she met Bastien. Cas could be telling the truth, but Ailesse and Bastien are so obviously bonded. For one, Bastien and Ailesse are stubborn and loyal even when the people around them betray them. Additionally, Bastien and Ailesse are able to somewhat sense each other. We hear none of these things from Cas and to me it seems that he simply needs a queen.

I predict in the sequel that Cas is going to be revealed to be Sabine’s soulmate because they are better suited for each other. Plus, when soul bonds are formed I’m pretty sure both parties need to be present, so I think Bastien and Ailesse formed the bond on the bridge and Cas and Sabine formed a similar one.

Bone Crier’s Moon is one of those books that sucks you in so deeply that you forget your responsibilities to sit down and read it. This novel is 453 pages and I devoured this story in 3 days.

Have you read Bone Crier’s Moon? Got any predictions? I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this story so feel free to leave a comment.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

until next time continue living in libros,


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