Let’s Jam Prime deceptions: sequel to Chilling effect

I read Chilling Effect last year and did not intend to continue the series. Although I loved that it was Latinx space adventure with a badass pilot. My issues with this sci-fi novel involved a slow-paced plot and not enough space cats. 

Recently, I found myself wondering about book two in this series and decided to borrow it from the library. And I’m glad I did. Prime deceptions has a much faster pace and lots of space cats content.

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Captain Eva Inocente and crew are hired by Eva’s sister, Mari, to find a scientist named Josh (Sue’s brother) and deliver him to the forge (Mari’s new space crew). Luckily, Sue knows just how to track her brother, but they hit snag after snag, and soon Eva is calling in a favor from her estranged mother.

However, as the crew gets closer to locating Josh, they also uncover a company aiming to spread extensive surveillance tech to all the galaxy. 


Whoa, I missed Eva and Vakar, her lover. The two are very cute together, and their relationship has bloomed to one of trust and cuddles since I last saw them in Chilling Effect.

“You came back for me,” Eva murmured.

“I always will,” Vakar replied. “Always.”

Valerie Valdes
Prime Deceptions 419

Mala, the leader of the psychic cats,  is back and badder than ever. Mala gets a bigger role in this novel, and thank goodness for that because this psychic cat gets Eva and the crew out of many sticky situations in this novel. Mala also made me laugh at all the times she goes off on her own adventure.

Eva’s sayings. Eva has a fun way of expressing herself with Cuban slang.  Not only does this provide great entertainment, but it adds so much to Eva’s character. Spanish speakers will get a kick out of these dichos.

Eva’s mom uses a hoverchair which is super cool. I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m happy it’s there in a book about space. Additionally, one of the characters reveals they are trans, and I’m glad for the inclusion. 

All in All, I enjoyed this book more than the first novel. I felt like this sequel spends less time on Eva’s side quests and more time on building the bond between Eva and the crew. Their bond is then put to the test when Eva must revisit her dark past.

Juanes’ album art blends right in with Chilling Effect and Prime Deceptions

While reading Prime deceptions I was also in a Juanes mood and his album mis planes son amarte, which has a space theme, was on constant loop. I loved this album and I can’t help but want to smash it into this space fantasy.

If you weren’t the biggest fan of Chilling Effect, but you enjoyed the characters in this universe, then I’d suggest giving the sequel a try.

If you would like to purchase your own copy of Prime Deceptions you can buy it from bookshop

until next time I’ll be living in libros and blasting Juanes,


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  1. Ha, I can see why you’d want more of the psychic cats in space. 😂 Also, thanks for mentioning this sequel to Chilling Effect. I meant to put the first book on my reading list but I forgot the title. Now that I know there’s a second book, I can add them both!

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