Elves are baddies too: Review for Deal with the Elf King

Deal with the Elf King is a new adult fantasy novel with a Hades and Persophone twist.

Deal with the Elf King is written by fantasy author Elise Kova this stand-alone novel takes readers into a world of magic and unexpected romance.


Humans and magical creatures live peacefully and in separate worlds. However, when the elf king visits the mortal lands, it’s always to find his human wife. Thanks to a treaty established between the humans and the elves, every Elf King has to take a human queen, a woman who has the affinity to conjure earth magic and bring spring to the magical realm.

Luella has no intention to marry, preferring to dedicate her life to healing her patients. But when Eldas, the current elf king, visits the village, he discovers that Luella is the next human queen, and she has no choice but to marry him.

As Luella adjusts to her new life in the palace, she learns that she dies a little every time she recharges the earth.

Luella’s life becomes more complicated when she finds herself slowly falling in love with Eldas, and together they research for a way to break the cycle. 


This novel ended up being one of my favorites since I activated my Kindle Unlimited trial. This fantasy world is set parallel to the human world, not for the ease of traveling between both realms but because both worlds are dependent on each other. I enjoyed this aspect of this story because it emphasizes the connection between the two. This is then further emphasized when Luella researches for ways to break the line of human queens.

I also enjoyed the heavy Hades and Persophone parallels between Eldas and Luella. Luella’s magic is to bring spring and life, while Eldas must deal with death and everything beyond.

And what’s a good fantasy novel without a cute sidekick? Luella befriends a black shadow wolf who she names Hook.

My dog Apollo cosplaying as Hook

Hook is a very lovable and cuddly wolf who protects Luella and can open portals. His power is connected to Eldas, and as a result, the wolf cuddles the king too.

“He can Fadewalk because he is of the Fade-a creature caught in the rift when worlds were severed.”

“He’s a good boy, that’s what he is,” I coo to the wolf. 

Elise Kova 140
Deal with the Elf King

But Hook’s most important job is bringing husband and wife closer. Hooks appears around the time Eldas and Luella began a tentative friendship, and the couple only grows closer after his entrance.

Eldas and Luella have great chemistry, and their slow-burn romance was chef’s kiss. Author Elise Kova graces us with some great prose regarding their relationship.

“We smell of honey and taste of forgotten dreams. We move like desperation”

Elise Kova 208
Deal with the Elf King

Additionally, I’m a sucker for animal sidekicks, and  Luella befriends a wolf who can teleport at will. Luella and Hook reminded me of Claire and her beast from House of Spirits. 

I considered this novel as New Adult as Luella is 19, and there’s a not-so-graphic sex scene in this novel.  Other than that, there isn’t much graphic content. 

I loved the way the author shaped the world in this novel and the pacing of the story so I’m excited to read more of her books.

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  1. I’ll admit, the title structure is very similar to a series I dislike, so I kind of wrote off Deal with the Elf King when I first saw it. But this actually sounds pretty cool! I love slow-burn romances and cool animal companions, so maybe I should give this a shot.

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