Baddies in Lit: Do I have a type?

Prince Zuko, Ben Solo, and Cardan. The definition of baddies and Princes of darkness take their sweet ass time to see the light.

Their road to redemption may be slow, but they get there in the end.

I’ve recently realized I gravitate towards these baddies when I recced my latest read, Cursed Prince, to Nessa of Stoked Stroke. Cursed Prince by CN Crawford stars Marroc, a cursed sorcerer who has been imprisoned for a thousand years when Ali- an assassin- is tossed into the cell across from him. Naturally, Marroc becomes interested in Ali, and when she’s is dragged out of the cell and taken to be killed, he escapes to save her.

Nessa: You have a thing for the words “Cruel, Wicked, Prince and Cursed”

Me: *surprise pikachu*

Nessa has a point. Let us examine the my most highly rated books on my goodreads this year:

The Cruel Prince

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pride and Prejudice

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Swedish Prince

Rating: 3 out of 5.

One of my favorite book series, Six of Crows has two baddies! Not going to lie though, Kaz truly scares me.

Maybe it started with Prince Zuko, one of the first baddies I was exposed to. Although Zuko’s a caca head at the beginning of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I knew he was going to redeem himself eventually.

However, I think the reason I gravitate towards these types of characters is because I enjoy reading the way they grow. These dark princely types are balls of anger, but as their stories evolve and they meet people who constantly challenge their beliefs, cracks forms in their tough exterior.

It might be about the angst and the longing if there’s a leading lady, but ultimately I love the way these leading ladies complicate the lives of these baddies because most of the time, they push these characters to do better.

And they listen!

Sometimes all these baddies needed all along was someone to listen and understand them. And this is the final push they need to hang up their evil capes for good.

I love books with Dark Princes. Do you have a type of character you gravitate towards? Or do you have a favorite Dark Prince? Let me know I’m open to recommendations.

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