Need a quick weekend read to say bye to summer? Check out My Unscripted life.

Hey readers! In today’s post, we will take a look at a fluffy YA summer romance featuring an art hoe and an emo-pop star. The story is set in the backdrop of Georgia and on the set of a hot new movie. If all these things sound good, continue reading. If this sounds boring, check out my review of Princess Jellyfish.


Dee Wilkie is ready to spend her summer staring at her ceiling when a chance encounter with an indie director lands her a job as a PA on his new movie. And starring in the movie is none other than Dee’s celebrity crush Milo Ritter. Dee doesn’t expect to see Milo, but after a rude introduction, she vows to stay away from him. But many chance encounters later, Dee and Milo find themselves growing close. Can a summer romance turn into something more?


The writing in this book is great, it won’t put you to sleep or make you put the book down, but it isn’t as witty as I hoped. Dee gives us this incredible line after meeting Milo.

“He’s a jerk! An Ass Waffle! A complete and total douche canoe!”

Morrill 40

But I wished we could have gotten more creative insults from Dee.

This book also features diverse side characters, one of the most important being Dee’s BFF Naz, who is Indian. At the beginning of the story, Naz leaves to spend the summer at a science camp leaving Dee with no one to talk to except her coworkers. I wish Naz had been featured more in the novel because it felt off to me that this was the only friend Dee communicates with. I would assume Dee has more friends in her small town, but she never mentions them. Naz is Dee’s bestie, and it was odd that Dee chooses to keep her relationship with Milo from her. Especially when it becomes clear that Dee is feeling insecure. Wouldn’t you gush to your BFF about your problems with your famous boyfriend? It feels a bit like the Naz was thrown in to get diverse points.

The story is light and fluffy. There isn’t too much conflict in this story except feelings of jealousy and insecurity. The story isn’t realistic, but I don’t expect that from a quick read. My unscripted life is a book you read more to get lost in a romance.

Finally, my biggest issue with this book is Milo’s age. We never find out how old he is! We learn early on that Dee is seventeen and entering her senior year of high school. But we never learn Milo’s age, which is weird. Given that Milo doesn’t have an on-set tutor, it’s safe to assume he’s eighteen plus. And since Dee is seventeen, that would count as underage dating. Keep that in mind if you chose to pick up this book.

If you like the theme of a commoner dating a famous musician, but you’re looking for something more realistic, check out Permanent Record by Mary HK Choi.

That’s all I have for this week. I’m gearing up for Latinx heritage month and Fall, so stay tuned for that. Also, if you’re a kdrama lover or bookish babe, stay tuned for my upcoming kdrama recs based on books.

Until next time continue living in libros,


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