Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise cleansed my book slump

Midnight Sun was a dreadful read, but Bet me yanked me right out of my feelings and into a world of bets, Elvis, chicken marsala, Krispy Kreme, and love stories. This enemies to somewhat friends to lovers story will keep you guessing and make you fall in love with all the characters. It might be the best book I read this year. Keep reading if you want to hear what I thought about this romantic contemporary.


Minerva Dobb needs to break up with her boring boyfriend David, but he beats her to it a few weeks shy of her sister’s wedding, citing that she isn’t putting enough effort into their relationship, which is fuck boy for you won’t sleep with me. Min’s pissed at having lost a date for the wedding and having to search for another asap when she catches David chatting up a group of good looking men. One man, in particular, playboy Calvin Morrisey doesn’t impress Min much, but as the night goes on, she hears him make a bet with David about getting Min to sleep with him in under a month.

Min is determined to remain single for the rest of her life but decides that she may benefit from using Calvin as her date to her sister’s wedding. Cal asks Min out on a date, and they learn they could not be more opposite of each other. The pair decide to cut their losses and never see each other again.

However, Fate continues to bring these two together and throw into the mix are jealous exes, donuts, chicken marsala, a stray cat, and Cal and Min have no choice but to get to know each other. And what the two discover is something they never thought they’d find.

“I saw the way you looked at each other.”

“That was fear and loathing,” Cal said opening the door.”

“God, you’re dumb,” Emilio said

Jennifer Cruise 45


In short, I loved this book. The writing is witty, funny, and a page-turner. Moreover, the characters in this book are well rounded and interesting. And that includes the side characters. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised that this book had such diverse characters. We have characters who are dyslexic, socially awkward, gay, and fat.

I loved all those things about this book, but my one big problem is that there aren’t any characters of color. My second issue is the boring sex scene. Calvin and Min’s sex scene had a great build-up of sexual tension, but it was weak overall. So I’d give this book a two on the spicy factor.

Overall, I think this book is great. I love that Min is stubborn, sassy, and unfiltered. In contrast, Cal is also stubborn, a quick thinker, and honest. When the pair are together their personalities can clash, which is very entertaining to read, or they can join brain cells and stir up some choas.

Although the romance is great and funny to read I also want to discuss Min’s arc. From the very beginning of this novel, Min’s main concern is landing a date to her sister’s wedding, staying on her diet so she can fit into her dress and is overall miserable. Cal comes along and snaps her out of it when they’re together but when Min is back with her mother, she allows her to bully her into hating her body.

I think having Min’s mother as the voice of negativity was a great choice for this novel because it touches on how projecting insecurities can effect others. I think the hardest voice to silence is the voice of a mother. In Bet You, the reader not only watches as Min struggles with her diet but also how her mother starves herself to appease her image of beauty. Min’s mother is so unhappy she even convinces herself that her husband is having an affair because he never takes her out to lunch.

“You never take me out to lunch” Nanette yelled.

“You don’t EAT,” George yelled back. 

Jennifer Cruise 381

I liked this arc because it highlights how a negative image of yourself ultimately ends up effecting your self-esteem and happiness.

Additionally, this novel also loves to play with stereotypes and turn them on their heads. Calvin is known as a playboy heart breaker, so Min doesn’t reframe herself around him. But we later learn Calvin is not much of a playboy. Bet Me also plays around with the obsessive exes troupe. But of course, both of the exes are more than just their obsession. Well, maybe not David, he still sucks towards the end.

And lastly, did I mention all the cute anecdotes included in this novel? Min loves Elvis Presley while Calvin prefers Elvis Costello, and the two argue about it occasionally. Min also collects snow globes, and Calvin was secretly in an Acapella group in college. However, the cutest sidekick in this story is none other than Elvis, a stray calico cat who follows Calvin to Min’s house one day and decides to stay. Elvis is a shifty calico cat who sleeps with one-eyed open and attacks Min’s enemies without a command. In short, he’s great.

My final review for this novel is four out five stars. Read this book when you just read a book that was a flop.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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