I loved The Bridge Kingdom

Hey Readers! I’m sorry for disappearing without notice but I elected to spend my November revisiting my favorite novels and writing my fantasy story. My mind was feeling a bit stormy and this reset was much needed. But my mind has calmed and posts should resume to normal. Please enjoy this review of Bridge Kingdom

Everyone knows I love a story with enemies to lovers but what is a little bit less known is that I adore a story with Enemies to lovers combined with an arranged marriage. So when I discovered Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L Jensen, I knew I hit the jackpot.


Lara and her sisters were raised as the perfect soldiers of Maridrina- all part of her father’s, the king’s, plan to bring Ithicana to its knees. Ithicana is the bridge kingdom, which controls the bridge that connects all the kingdoms, and thus the trade. Lara grew up hating King Aren of Ithicana and believed he was the reason her people starved. And thanks to a treaty her father made with the previous king of Ithicana, one of his daughters will marry Aren.

 But when Lara discovers her father plans to murder her sisters,  she takes it upon herself to poison them first. As her father’s only successor Lara fulfills her duty to her people and marries Aren.

Upon arrival, Lara is ready to infiltrate the Bridge Kingdom taking notes and setting up infiltration spots. But the longer she stays, the more she begins to question her mission and her new feelings for Aren.


I loved this book. I had a strong suspicion that I would. Besides Lara and Aren’s bickering, I loved that Lara constantly outsmarts Aren and his soldiers. I just love heroines that are too clever.

“The First Kiss of her life and she was giving it to her enemy”

Danielle L Jensen
Bridge Kingdom

Bridge Kingdom’s told from the dual perspective of Lara and Aren. Dual POVs are tricky to pull off, in my opinion, because they rely on having interesting characters. Many novels with dual povs sometimes retell events from other perspectives or switch to uninteresting POVs during the climax of the story. Not this one! I loved reading both Lara and Aren’s Perspectives, their conflicts, and their developing feelings.

The slow-burn romance in this story is great! Early on in the novel, Lara has the grand idea to sneak into Aren’s room naked while he’s asleep and do super-secret spy things like snoop through his desk. Of course, Aren wakes up, and Lara has to slip him a sleeping potion and convince him it’s all a dream. I found this scene so funny and entertaining because who wouldn’t slip their crush a sleeping potion when caught in an embarrassing situation.

But besides Lara and Aren’s romance and the great plot, there’s one character in this novel that’s super awesome and sees-through Lara’s games, and that’s Aren’s grandma. She’s referred to as Nana and lives with her pet snakes. Nana’s a little senile and orders all the Ithicana soldiers to help her with chores. Lara can’t stand her, which makes their dynamic so perfect.

“Quit plotting and help Taryn with the dishes, you lazy tit.”

Danielle L Jensen
The Bridge Kingdom

As of now, this novel only has two books in the series, but these two novels wrap up Aren and Lara’s stories, so definitely check them out if you love stabby heroines who unexpectedly fall in love with their husbands. You can read both novels for free on kindle unlimited if you try their free day trial.

Keep in mind this novel falls more in the adult fantasy/new adult category, and there is a spicy sex scene in this novel.

Content Warning: PTSD, abuse, manipulation, character death, mass murder, dubious consent, war

until next time definitely check out The Bridge Kingdom and live in libros,


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