Latinx heritage Month Reads 2021

Leaves are falling, sunflowers are blooming, and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air. Fall brings delicious snacks and the excuse to watch Over the Garden Wall. 

But before Fall is officially on the calendar, there’s a special month-long celebration known as Latinx heritage month. Like many book bloggers, I’m going to dedicate this month to reading books by latinx/latine authors. 

However, as we are on the eve of spooky season, I will also slip in some paranormal literature novels too.

Curious about the origins of Hispanic heritage month and why I emphasize this an Latinx celebration? Check out the page on the U.S government’s website.

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Okay, this one is a repeat of last year, but I really want to tackle it for September and October.

In Lobizona, Manuela discovers her family lineage contains a bit of the supernatural, and after her mother’s deported and her grandmother attacked, she’s left on her own. Lobizona is all about Werewolves and Argentina folklore. I think after my vampire book binge, I need to switch it up.

Blazewrath games

Lana Torres is excited to represent Puerto Rico in their first entrance of the Blazewrath world games, where players compete on dragons for glory. But a former player is threatening to burn down dragon sanctuaries around the world if the games proceed. Now Lana must navigate an international conspiracy if she hopes to play in the games and save the world.

Mexican Gothic

Another repeat from last year, but if I can’t finish this novel during latinx heritage month, then I can add it to my spooky tbr. 

After receiving a cryptic message from her cousin, Noemí heads to a creepy town in the Mexican countryside to check on her. But the more time Noemí spends in that house, the more she finds herself unable to leave.


Renta is a bad B with the ability to steal memories. She belongs to the Whispers, a rebel group that liberates other magical Moira. When Dez, Renata’s commander, is captured by the royal family, Renata will stop at nothing to save him. But a failed rescues attempt leaves Renata going undercover in the palace. And old memories begin to surface.

Our Way Back to Always by Nina Moreno

This novel is set in the same world as Don’t Date Rosa Santos-which I adored! Luisa Patterson and Sam Alvarez grew up as besties in the small quirky town of Port Coral. But an incident in middle school broke their friendship, and the pair haven’t spoken since. 

However, when Luisa finds a bucket list she made with Sam, she decides to finish it, and Sam decides to tag along.

It sounds super cute I just hope I can finish it in the final days of Latinx heritage month.

If you want shop a complete list of my favorite Latinx/latine books check them out in my bookshop.

These are the novels I am reading this month. Until next time I’ll be drinking choco milk and living in libros.


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