The Raven and the Dove is darker than you may think

Deadass this story went from a sweet YA fantasy to gore and heartbreak in the last arc. What the hell. I have no words.


Princess Lyana Aethionus eagerly awaits her kingdom’s mate trials where she and other princes and Princess will compete to have their first choice of mates. But the sky is calling, and Lyana must answer, except when Lyana takes flight, she comes across the raven prince, Rafe, battling a dragon all on his own. Lyana heals him, but in doing so, reveals that she harbors forbidden magic. 

Prince Rafe is quite handsome, and luckily for Lyana, she always gets what she wants. At the mate trials, Lyana competes for Rafe’s hand, but things are not all they seem, and Rafe turns out to be not who she thought he was.

Lurking below Lyana and Rafe lays a young King convinced that Lyana’s his queen and prophesied to help him save the world. And with the help of his best spy, he will get as close to Lyana as possible.

“Rafe had his answer – love was worth any cost. Even when it was a brief star shooting across the night sky, gone before he could even hold it for a moment. It was worth it. The way she’d looked at him, as though every adventure and dream and desire lived within his gaze – he would never forget it. The memory would burn in his heart until the day he died, more powerful than any magic he’d ever known.”

The Raven and the Dove Kaitlyn Davis


If I were more diligent in reading book summaries, I’d know that the Raven and the Dove was a Tristan and Isolde retelling, aka a classic story with a tragic ending. And that last arc is explosive.

This novel’s written in the third person, which I don’t always mind, but for this novel, I wished it was not just because of all the chaos.

I enjoyed the first arc with the mating trial. It was entertaining to read about Lyanna teasing Rafe with her knife skills in the trials. Then the middle arc came, and I was getting a bit bored because Xander and Lyanna lacked chemistry, and Rafe gave them space. 

And the last arc was wild. I was not expecting things to head in the direction they did. So for that reason, I wouldn’t recommend this novel for readers who thrive on fluff and happy endings. But if you’re looking for last-minute twists and political intrigue, check this one out.

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