Sleeping Beauty’s engaged to an Elf Prince! A review of ‘Enchanting the Elven Mage’

I was in the mood for more elf princes after finishing Deal with the Elf king so I decided to read Enchanting the Elven Mage by Alisha Klapheke. This story is a Sleeping Beauty retelling with a delicious twist. 

I mean the author didn’t have to add dragons, elves, witches, faeries, and killer wolves but we got it all.

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Aurora discovers she’s a princess, a powerful mage, and engaged to an elven prince the same day. Aury never had intentions of marrying and she’s set on proving that to both Prince Filip and her parents. Aury heads off to a mage military school to hone her powers and of course Filip needs to follow. Lots of training, a dragon, and flirting later the two royals begin to open up to each other but with a war looming and a witch set on putting Aury in a sleeping curse they’ll have a few obstacles to overcome before they take that leap.


Aury’s stubborn, independent, and has fantastic silver hair. Filip is kind, lovable, and very charming. What I liked about their dynamic was that even though Aury was rude to Filip, he never let that get in the way of his feelings for her.

Filip was a total simp after meeting Aury.

Besides their relationship I liked that this book had both POVs of the characters as that made it very clear to understand their character journeys.

Speaking of character arcs both Aury and Filip had separate arcs which made them feel three dimensional. Aury had her Mage training and her plot to break her engagement, while Filip trained for war and attempted to sooth Aury’s worries about him.

This novel is very long and for romance fans (I’m looking at myself here) there’s lots of angst and a slow burn. I was just a little disappointed the romance didn’t move faster because they’re both very into each other. 

However, I did enjoy the ending to this novel and how everything was wrapped up.

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  1. This sounds like a refreshing take on the Sleeping Beauty tale! I especially like that both main characters get to share the narrative. I’ve seen too many versions where one or the other is either poorly developed or, you know, unconscious a lot.

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