From DNF to Done: I review We Unleash this Merciless Storm

Yes, I did it! I finally finished We Unleash this Merciless Storm. Originally I began this novel last summer, but to be honest, I wasn’t much in the mood to read it. But then I said forget it let’s dive in!

We Unleash this Merciless Storm is the Sequel to Tehlor Kay Mejia’s We Set the Dark on Fire (Here’s my review for that novel). Set immediately after the previous novel, explosive ending, We Unleash this Merciless Storm gives readers a change in perspective. 


Carmen Santos makes it home to La Voz headquarters, only to find things vastly different than when she left. For one, her adopted father and leader of La Voz, el buitre, has taken on more of a passive role in the resistance group handing the reins over to an arrogant newcomer, Ari.

Carmen is suspicious of Ari, but she appears to be the only one. When La Voz gets reports that Dani has failed to check-in, they believe she has turned on their cause Carmen’s skeptical. But Ari has decided Dani has become a liability to their cause, and she needs to go.

Carmen panics and crosses the border into the capital to find Dani and make sure the woman she loves is okay. But when Dani and Carmen meet again, feelings explode, and some lives are lost.


This sequel features an unexpected POV change which I wasn’t a big fan of at first. However, Carmen grew on me. Where Dani was very calculated and collected Carmen, is more passionate and thinks with her heart. And when we read about Dani through Carmen’s POV, we see the cracks in Dani’s composure that Carmen loves. 

These two were adorable in the first novel, and in this novel, they get even cuter.

We Unleash this Merciless Storm grants us an incredible resolution to Carmen and Dani’s story, as well as some intense scenes with both of their toxic ex, Mateo. Mateo still has big pendejo energy in this novel, but he becomes more dangerous with all the power he holds. I did enjoy the conclusion to his arc to (insert devil horns emoji).

However, there is something about this sequel that felt incomplete. While Dani and Carmen get a resolution to their story, we don’t necessary get a resolution for the revolution. This series begins and focuses on La Voz attempting to overthrow the corrupt government in Medio, and it becomes a big part of the plot in this series. Things end on a victory for La Voz, but it wasn’t the ending I wanted which I think is why this story felt incomplete. 

Yes, revolutions are messy and not easy, and yet I was still rooting for their victory. I felt as if the author did this to leave room for more novels in this universe, but that’s just my guess.

Content Warnings:

While the previous novel discussed some topics of border crossing and separation, this novel gives us Carmen’s border crossing experience. It’s a heavy experience and traumatic so keep that in mind if you decide to read this novel. 

We also get some homophobia courtesy of the trash politicians who run Medio, and Carmen recounts how homophobia has affected her. 

In Conclusion, I enjoyed the previous novel more than this sequel, but I think this novel tied up some ends and gave a satisfying ending to Carmen and Dani.

And those were all my thoughts for We Unleash this Merciless Storm. Check out some of my other reviews

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