Books I read in April instead of finishing Six of Crows

Hey book lovers, I am back again this week, not with a book review but a collection of them. I feel like I’ve bombarded this blog with so many book reviews that I’m a little tired of them. So today, I felt like I would change things up and tell you about all the novels I read this month.

I had originally planned to finish my reread Six of Crows before Shadow and Bone premiered but these nine other novels were more tempting.

Some of the novels I am going to mention have their own published blog post already- I will speak on them briefly-but I will link their posts if you want to read more of my thoughts. 

My Soul to Keep by Rebekah Weatherspoon

This is the last novel in the Vampire sorority sisters series and ended up becoming my favorite. This novel features an odd couple who start out fake dating for research purposes but end up falling in love.

I found this novel very cute and I loved that it offered another perspective to previous couples in the series. And the ending was fantastic! Check out my full review.


by Kristin Cashore

This fantasy friends to lovers novel from 2008 was a book that I hadn’t expected to become a favorite. This novel features an assassin who hates her job and a Prince who loves to train with her.

The love story in this novel is a slow burn, and the overall plot is great and features wild plot twists. 

A Court of Frost and Starlight  by Sarah J. Maas

I binged the ACOTAR novels in March and briefly gave my thoughts in my last youtube video. I saved the novella for a day when I really needed a serotonin boost. 

The novella is full of fluff. Lots of tender moments, and we also see a hint of the dynamic between Nesta and Cassian post-war. Which is tense and I assume will be developed more in A Court of Silver Flames.

I was surprised to see that Elaine developed a crush on Az. I find it cute, but I also want to see more of Lucien and the whole mess that will unravel when he learns who his biological father is. 

We Unleash this Merciless Storm by Tehlor Kay Mejia

It took me a minute to get in the right mood for this novel but overall I was satisfied with how Carmen and Dani’s story concluded. However, the ending felt like the beginning of a new series. 

My Shifter Showmance  by R.G. Alexander

This novel was a flop for me starring a vampire, shapeshifter, and demon who are internet famous roommates. My Shifter Showmance follows Thomas, a shapeshifter, who sets up an elaborate contest to meet his online crush, Margo.

This novel had too many problematic plot points for me to enjoy (transphobia, nonconsensual touching, weird shower spying, and a toxic relationship).

I was excited for this series because I was excited for its sequel- My Demon Saint, but I hated My Shifter Showmance, so I decided not to continue the series.

Her Wolves

by G. Bailey

Mairen is a bullied orphan and her mate rejects their bond and throws her into the sea. Mairen awakens in Ireland to a fierce pack run by four alphas who she feels an instant attraction for.

I had high hopes for this one. This novel had a promising start but ultimately dragged out the plot too much. The romance is a slow burn, and I was annoyed that the alphas kept Mairen’s past from her.

Ultimately, I will not be finishing this series.

Bewitching the Bounty Hunter

by  Lulu West

I was in the mood for a good Space erotic tale, and this one didn’t disappoint. 

Bodin, a bounty hunter, is sent to a slave planet for a bounty only to find Brielle and her sister on his ship attempting to flee slavery.

Ultimately Bodin decides to help Brielle find her way home and allow her to accompany him on a mission. Bodin and Brielle have great chemistry, and slowly Bodin realizes that Brielle is his fated mate. Bodin was born a shifter but never experienced the change, but as he grows closer to Brielle, his body begins to undergo some beastly changes.

Bewitching the Bounty Hunter is a short space romance with a great plot and steamy sex scenes. I really enjoyed reading this first installment, and I’m curious to see where Brielle and Bodin’s story goes next.

My only complaint is that we did not get many scenes of Brielle using her powers. What does it mean for Brielle to be a witch and the next queen of her planet? 

Get A Life, Chloe Brown 

by Talia Hibbert

I’m going to write a much longer review for this novel so just know I loved it.

This novel contains a chronic illness rep, a witty protagonist, and a sweet and sexy redhead.

Deal with the Elf King by Elise Kova

Centuries of tradition dictate that the elf king marry a human queen to keep their worlds in balance.

Luella’s a healer with a dedication to her patients, but when the elf king visits, he discovers Luella is the chosen queen, and they marry.

 Together, the pair search for a way to end the cycle of dependency on the two worlds.

All the world-building in this story will keep readers reading into the night. This story also features an adorable shadow wolf and some tamed smutty scenes.

Out of all the stories I read in the month of April I enjoyed Deal with the Elf King the most. I really enjoyed how Elise Kova penned the story. However, Get a Life Chole Brown is definitely a close second along with My Soul to Keep.

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until next time I’ll be living in libros,


4 thoughts on “Books I read in April instead of finishing Six of Crows

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  1. Graceling is one of the books that got me into fantasy when I was younger. I’ve been seeing it resurface on Booktok, might have to re-read. Deal with the Elf King has been on my tbr for a minute and by the sound of it looks like I have to take the plunge now! I’m currently struggling through Crown of Gilded Bones, hoping to be done soon. Sounds like your April was a great reading month!

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    1. I remember my dad reading Graceling when I was about twelve. He told me I couldn’t read it yet, so I snuck off with it and read bits anyway. I finally got to read it all the way through when I was fourteen or fifteen. It was a great story – and it definitely has a special place in my heart.

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