Tokyo and Jill are the real stars of this series: A review for My soul to Keep

My Soul to Keep is the latest novel in Rebekah Weatherspoon’s vampire sorority sister series. Previous novels in the series focused on a college student becoming a vampire queen, and two exes deciding to marry each other. I have reviewed the other two novels already. If you want to read my thoughts on Better off Read and Blacker than Blue then follow those links.


My Soul to Keep follows Miyoko (Tokyo), the laid back and often horny sister queen of ABO, and Jill, the outcast of ABO. When Jill gets the fantastic idea to create an intensive sexual health campaign for her school, she enlists the help of Tokyo. But since Jill is curious about dating and questions on love that could be relevant to her project, she asks Tokyo to fake date her. As with any fake dating couple-they catch feelings

However, human feeders across U.S. college campuses are being kidnapped and possessed by demons, and not the sexy vampire kind. As the possessions move closer to home, Tokyo’s sent to investigate. But can she investigate and protect Jill at the same time?


I loved this novel more than the first two! While in Better off Red, we learn the rules of the vampire world via Ginger. In My Soul To Keep, Jill tests the bonds between Vampire and feeders. For instance, Jill despises that the bond she has with Ginger clouds her feelings. Jill cannot stay angry at Ginger because her bond tells her not too even though there are many instances in this novel when she wants to.

As a result, Jill wants an uncomplicated relationship outside of the bond that goes beyond human and feeder.

“Do I need to ask a girl out on a regular date first before I tell a twenty-year old I want to spend the rest of my life with her? That I’d die for her over and over again? More flowers and a six-pack of grape soda? We can start there.”

My Soul to Keep Rebekah Weatherspoon

I hadn’t given this much thought in previous novels, but Jill has valid concerns. Ginger and Camila fell hard for each other quickly, probably because of the bond between them. Although there have been other instances in the series where humans date outside the bond, they never date another vampire.

Which makes Jill and Tokyo’s relationship extra special. And extra dramatic. This novel also offers us another side of Ginger, not as a cool collected college grad but as a petty, jealous, and stressed leader of the sorority. Ginger constantly butts heads with Tokyo and never defends Jill against her bullies, which shows her immaturity as a vampire and an adult. 

While I love the other protagonists in this series, I fell in love with Jill and Tokyo. The ending of this novel was perfectly heartbreaking but also made me love this couple even more. Their relationship is more of a sweet and cute love whereas Ginger and Camila were more lustful and Benny and Cleo were more dramatic. If you’re looking for some Sapphic vampires with a soft side for humans, Check out this series!

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