Mini review: Blacker than Blue

Hello readers! I am back with another smutty vampire review!

Blacker than Blue is the sequel to Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Better off Red, a sapphic vampire love story which I reviewed last week. Blacker than Blue is set in the same sorority house and follows Cleo and Benny, two side characters we met in Better off Red. Like Better off Red, Blacker than Blue is also an interracial love story.


Three years after the events of Better off Red, Benny and Cleo continue to walk on eggshells around each other. They are exes with mutual resentment, bound to the duties of their sorority Alpha Beta Omega warring with their mutual attraction. Benny knows she needs to move on from Cleo, and with graduation looming, she’s excited for her next step into adulthood. Benny’s father sets her up with a powerful demon, and Benny’s instantly attracted. When Cleo finds out that she might lose Benny forever, she decides to put behind the pain and try to work things through.


I was very excited for this sequel to Better off Red because the way Benny and Cleo ended their relationship was very messy. They both hated each other, and Cleo became super close with her feeder Andrew and fellow sister queen Tokyo. Like group sex close. 

The drama and animosity between Cleo and Benny is petty and I was here for it! Their problems could have been resolved with a quick conversation but they both refuse! 

I was surprised to learn that their relationship is one of Dom and Sub and to be honest, I’m not a big fan of this dynamic, so I skimmed the sex scenes.

“My Lord. You two had fun last night. It smells like blood and booty in here.”

Rebekah Weatherspoon Blacker than Blue

However, the plot was good!

I loved that Cleo does not give a single fuck and stands up to Benny’s dad, aka the most powerful vampires in the U.S! In Better off Red, we learn that Benny’s dad is scary AF, and all the sister queens respect him out of fear. In this sequel, we see that he’s a jerk and his love for Benny stems from revenge.

The conclusion to this story is very wild, and the plot twist really threw me off! It felt a bit rushed, but I did like the way it wrapped up Benny and Cleo’s story, so I’ll let it slide.

Content warning for this novel: mention of eating disorders, implied homophobia, use of gay slurs, and fat phobia, and slut shaming.

The third novel in this series tells Tokyo’s story, which I’m excited to read because Cleo says Tokyo’s a cry baby, which I can relate to! Additionally, Tokyo genuinely seems hurt once Cleo drops her, so I’m excited to read her story.

Until next time book lovers,


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