The Sapphic Vampire love story you didn’t know you needed to read

Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon is the vampire love story I didn’t know I needed to read! So, if your a fan of vampires check out my review.


All Ginger Carmichel wants is to pass her university classes and get her degree. She might be a college freshman, but she’s focused. But when Ginger’s roommate, Amy, is set on joining a sorority, Ginger refuses to let her go through hazing alone. 

Enter the beautiful women of Alpha Beta Omega, a coveted sorority that has chosen Ginger and Amy to join them. Ginger doesn’t expect that joining ABO also means a lifelong commitment to serve and feed vampires. Despite the initial shock, Ginger pledges to ABO and Camila, the vampire Queen.

Sparks fly between Ginger and Camila, but Ginger knows that being with Camila forever means saying goodbye to the only family she’s ever known.


This novel is full of smut and fluff. I loved reading about Camila and Ginger’s dates and their casual affection. But besides the orgies, I enjoyed that this novel explores sexuality. Ginger goes into university knowing she’s attracted to women and wanting to date around in college. However, some of the other ABO pledges and the vampire queens are attracted to men. Some of them even have boyfriends or husbands. But that doesn’t matter because they all have group sex when they feed the vampire queens. And it’s just accepted. The pledges don’t attempt to put a label on their sexuality, and it’s overall not a big deal. I thought it was interesting the way this novel explored the fluidity of sexuality.

Additionally, the vampires in this novel are diverse. Camila, the love interest, is Mexican and her vampire sisters are Indegenous, Black, Asian, and White. So much of media involving vampires sets them as White, with the Eurocentric beauty features that Weatherspoon’s version felt novel.

Speaking of refreshing Vampire media, the vampire in this universe have the ability to shape shift along with the super healing, mindreading, super speed, the usual vampire powers. Additionally, the vampires of this world are descendent from demons which isn’t totally new. See buffy the vampire slayer, but despite that they’re actually very affectionate and care deeply for each other, and their feeders. For example, if a vampire breaks one of their rules then their entire species will be wiped out and vampires will have to be created over and over again.

So there you go, Better off Red was great! I can’t wait to read the rest of the novels in this series! 

CW: Mentions of rape, attempted rape, fatphobia, dubious consent

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