Gorgeous book covers with phenomenal plots part one

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Due to some Veterinary issues involving my dog Mimosa, I was not able to complete a video review for Ruin and Rising this week. But don’t worry! I shall not leave you without a blog post this today.

Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite books with aesthetically pleasing covers. Pretty covers give me the urge to impulse buy and never look back! However, beautiful book covers with interesting plots make me want to keep them on my shelf forever.

Don’t worry this is just part one of my list. I hope to add more books in the future.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you finalize your purchase through one of my links I earn a commission.

The Starbound Trilogy

Genre: YA, Sci-Fi, Romance

Authors: Amy Kaufmn and Megan Spooner

Space, stars, and big puffy dresses on the covers were what initially convinced me that I needed to read these novels. Each book follows a different set of loosely connected characters from the same universe whose lives all intertwine in the last novel. 

The first novel follows an heiress and a solider who survive a ship crash and have to rely on each other to survive on an uninhabitable planet.

Here are the links to purchase each book in the series through bookshop.

Book 1 These Broken Stars

Book 2 This Shattered World

Book 3 Their Fractured Light

Don’t Date Rosa Santos

I took Rosa Santos out to visit Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California

Genre: YA, Romance, Contemporary

Page count: 336

Author: Nina Moreno

My Review

A young woman in a yellow sundress and sneakers stands against a big blue wave mural. I love complimentary covers, and I love this cover as much as I love this story. The Spanish language cover for this story is also lovely!

Rosa aspires to visit Cuba, the island of her ancestors, but whenever Rosa tries to speak to her Abuela about her homeland, she shuts down. So Rosa moves onto plan B, making it into a college with a study abroad program in Cuba but with her small town of Port Corral struggling to keep their marina and when new boy Alex Aquino arrives in town, Rosa keeps him at a distance in fear of upsetting her family’s curse.

To purchase your own copy of Don’t Date Rosa Santos check it out here.

Queen of Nothing

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Romance, Fairies

Author: Holly Black

My review

 This one is part of the Folk of the Air series, but the last novel in the series is the most beautiful in my opinion, and the curveballs Holly Black throws will knock you out of this galaxy.

If you are curious about the plot of these books, check out my reviews for book one, Two, and Three.

If you want to add Queen of Nothing to your bookshelf check it out here.

A Dash of Trouble: Love Sugar Magic

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Magic, Fiction

Author: Anna Meriano

Leonora Logroño’s family owns a bakery in their town of Rose Hills, Texas and Leo would love nothing more than to assist her, especially on Dia de Los Muertos. On the day of the town’s Dia de Los Muertos festival, Leo’s older sisters skip school and help with the preparations, so Leo sneaks out too. But once she’s in the bakery, Leo discovers that her family and the bakery are pure magic.

Click here to get your own copy of Love Sugar Magic

Emergency Contact

Genre: New adult

Own voices novel

Author: Mary H.K Choi

My review

This gorgeous pink cover with gold lettering makes this book stand out in the bookstore. Additionally, the two main leads laying dreamily on the cover will make you want to snatch this book up before reading the blurb.

But in case you’re not easily swayed by gorgeous covers, here’s a quick summary.  Penny Lee is a college freshman ready to leave her small town behind and master writing. Sam is in his early 20’s and works and lives in a cafe not far from Penny’s school. Sam has big dreams of becoming a movie director, but with no money and an unfinished college degree, he’s unable to better his situation.

When Sam and Penny cross paths, sparks don’t fly, nor does time stop rather, it’s awkward as hell. Despite that, they decide to swap numbers and become texting buddies. But as time passes, Sam and Penny become dependent on each other, sharing secrets, dreams, and anxieties.

Click here to get your own copy of Emergency Contact

That’s all I have for part one! Stay tuned for my next edition of pretty books and interesting plots.

If you would like to purchase any of the books I’ve mentioned or if you want to shop my collection of favorite books, check out my bookshop. Every purchase from bookshop supports authors, independent bookstores, and me (I earn a commission if you purchase through my links).

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear Mimosa isn’t feeling well! I hope they get her back to hearty and happy soon.

    And wow, these covers make quite a gallery! Whoever created the cover for Don’t Date Rosa Santos really hit a genius stroke. 😊

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      1. Just read Emergency Contact, such a cute yet emotionally invigorating read. So realistic in a story marked as fiction.
        Starbound Series is to come too!

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