Midnight Sun put me to sleep

I am a fool for reading this. I wanted to salsify my curiosity for Midnight Sun, having read the leaked version long ago, but tbh it was not worth it.

Any enthusiasm I had for this book turned into boredom, and well, if you want to find out what went wrong, continue reading.

Also, the Quileute Tribe is currently raising funds to get their tribe out of the Tsunami zone. If you buy Midnight Sun considering helping the tribe preserve their traditions and culture by donating here.


Edward Cullen is a lonely 100+ year old vampire who spends most of his days hating himself and listening in to the conversations of other students, or as he calls them children, of Forks High School. However, when Bella Swan transfers to Forks, Edward has to resist the urge to devour her as her blood is the sweetest thing he has ever smelled. Fast forward to more brooding and self-loathing, and Edward stops resisting his attraction towards Bella. They begin dating, but everything goes wrong when bored Vampire James decides that he’ll mess with Eddie by chasing Bella down himself. And Edward must use all the strength he has to outsmart the cocky vampire.

Midnight Sun is very similar to the original leaked draft I read back in the day. However, back then, I did not fall asleep while reading it.

I found Midnight Sun to be very dry. There were some parts in this novel that made it drag. For example, Edward goes on and on about how Bella should hate him, fear him, as much as he hates himself. There are pages of this stuff! And it gets old fast.

However, there are also many new scenes that I thought were super cool! For example, we get to see the day Emment become a vampire, Alice and Jasper’s arrival, Edward’s murder spree, and his first Christmas. I enjoyed all these scenes and wished we had somehow gotten more. For example, a memory of all the Cullen’s at a University would have been even better!

Sadly, I was bored for most of the book. Edward is super annoying and, for some reason, calls all his female classmates “girls.” Moreover, he also calls his classmates children, but the repetition of girls happens way too often.

It’s all unnecessary. I can understand Edward thinking this way if he viewed himself as a god, and there’s lots of evidence to support that theory, but it nevertheless made me hate him more.

My final review for this book is 2.5 stars. If your curious to read it, go ahead. Just try not to fall asleep. And if you choose to add this book to your twilight collection, consider donating to the Quileute tribe. They are currently raising funds to move out of a tsunami zone in order to keep their traditions for the next generation.

Before I sign off I thought I’d leave you with my favorite scene in the entire book.

“Alice,” I hissed.

“she darted to the truck, then dropped to the ground and slid under the running boards. In a fraction of a second, she’d pulled herself against the undercarriage, totally invisible, even to a vampire.”

Midnight Sun Stephanie Meyer

Alice rolling under the truck has made me laugh in times of stress and I hope it brings you as much joy.

until next time continue living in libros,


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