The Plot to the Swedish Prince is ridiculous but addicting!

I don’t always read YA novels, and when I’m not reading them, you can bet I’m reading a contemporary romance! The Swedish Prince piqued my interest because it’s marketed as a Roman Holiday retelling.

However, The Swedish Prince promises a Happy Ever After.


This story opens up with Maggie and her friend Sam discussing sex playlist and how the latter had to listen to “Never gonna give you up” why receiving oral sex. Shortly, after this discussion Maggie recieves the life alternating news that her parents have been murdered.

Reading these opening scenes made me gasp at the absurdity but a part of me was also intrigued so I continued reading.

Maggie returns home after receiving the news Maggie to help raise her siblings. She takes a job as a maid at La Quinta, and her life revolves around her siblings, so she doesn’t get much time to herself. That all changes when she walks in on Viktor, one of the hotel guests, naked and freshly showered. After their awkward encounter, Maggie can’t seem to get Viktor, and let’s be honest here, his penis, out of her head. So, when she sees Viktor passed out at the local bar, she does what any kind soul would do and takes him home to sleep off the hangover.

Viktor is intrigued by Maggie’s beauty, strength, and will to help others. After a weekend together in LA, they try their hand at a long-distance relationship and fail, leaving Viktor with no other choice but to convince Maggie to come back home with him. The pair getting along well enough but the media frenzy and the King and Queen’s disapproval threaten to tear them apart.

The Swedish Prince is hilariously written, and both Maggie and Viktor have crack head energy. This is very much apparent from the beginning of the novel after Maggie rescues Viktor from the bar, she gets wild thoughts, cue Rihanna singing, while she takes off his boots before bed.

“I didn’t even know that size existed but it seems to coincide with the size of his dick.”

Karina Halle

Maggie’s really thirsty for Viktor, but can’t say I blame her when he’s a handsome and good person too.

Viktor is just as equally thirsty for Maggie too, but he can’t help teasing her by constantly bringing up their first encounter.

“I’m sorry I walked in on you naked.”

“You are? I could have sworn you enjoyed that.”

Karina Halle

Not to mention, when these two are together, they get up to some wild shit like getting freaky on Splash mountain! Maggie even comments about being so horny she doesn’t care about the cameras.

Aside from that, The Swedish Prince also discuss real themes like suicide and telling with the grief of losing someone. Viktor regularly goes to therapy and takes care of his mental health which was refreshing to see.

Maggie’s grief over losing her parents takes a backseat to Viktor’s. Maggie had to assume the role of a parent to her siblings, and she became so entrenched in that role that I wonder if she had the space to grieve them. I think this could have been an opportunity for the author to add some social commentary about mental health and class status, here and I think it’s interesting that it’s not touched upon.

“She’s just pissed that your Alexander Skarsgard over here hurt her white trash boyfriend.”

Karina Halle

However, the smut isn’t as great as I hoped. I don’t mind romance books with some spicy sex scenes, most of the time I expect them, and although Viktor is kinky, I was disappointed the author didn’t go all into their sex scenes. The scenes are okay, but it feels like something is missing in these scenes.My other small complaint about this novel is that I couldn’t remember what Viktor looked like. His features are described in the beginning but never mentioned again, so I had to make do and picture Alexander Skarsgard. Which isn’t a bad thing, let’s all enjoy a gif of this hottie.

Maggie and Viktor have a bit of an insta love going on, but I didn’t mind it because they also have a lot of things wedging them apart, and I live for angst! Overall, I’d recommend this book if you’re looking for a spicy romance or you love reading about Princes.

Trigger warning for this novel for mentions of suicide and character deaths.

Viktor and Maggie are the main protagonists of this story, and although they’re pretty great, another Nordic prince caught my eye. Viktor’s very good friends with Magnus, the Prince of Norway, who’s a womanizer but a true ride or die, friend. Magnus’ biggest heroic feat in this novel is saving Viktor and Maggie from the wrath of the paparazzi by exposing himself at a sex club. After finishing The Swedish Prince, I learned that Magnus is getting his very own story the plot: an arranged marriage to the princess Isabella of Liechtenstein and they can’t get along. I love enemies to lovers, so this is going to be next on my list of books to read. Mangus’s a good guy, and I can’t wait to see him fall in love!

Until next time continue living in libros,


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