A Kingdom of Runes: A delicious but incomplete fantasy series

The Kingdom of Runes series is a new adult fantasy with a headstrong heroine who often gets herself into trouble. Written by Audrey Grey, a bestselling author most known for the Evermore Academy books. All novels in this series are available through kindle unlimited.

This series was advertised to me on Instagram two years ago, and the ad promised a “Rhysand” type of love interest. Which to me means a love interest with a bit of a villain arc. And to be honest, our leading man Stolas was exactly that. However, I am sharing this review now because I am eagerly awaiting the final novel in this series. But the author disappeared last December, promising to finish the final book in this series but more on that later. In this post I will break down the first four novels in this series.

Book 1 Oath Taker

In the first novel, Oath Taker, we meet Haven Ashwood, a mortal woman with rose-gold hair. Haven is Prince Bellamy’s bodyguard and his best friend. But when Stolas-the lord of the underworld- kidnaps Bell, Haven must ally with Archeron Halfbane -the arrogant Sun lord of Penryth- and his immortal friends to save Bell.

Together they journey across a land full of magical creatures and danger. But then an ancient power awakens in Haven, and the Shade queen sets her sights on her. Unexpectedly, Stolas attempts to aid Haven and emphasizes that she breaks the Shade queen’s curse.

Book 2 Curse Breaker 

In the sequel, Haven and her friends race against time to break the curse and save Bell. However, Haven finds herself developing feelings for Archeron. But in her dreams, she meets and trains with Stolas. 

Meanwhile, Bell has formed a friendship with the hooded creature of the Netherworld. And when one of Haven’s friends betrays her, she must sacrifice everything to save Bell.

“I’m sorry. I wished I hadn’t called you.”
“Then you would be dead, and the Curse would remain unbroken.” His breath was a gentle gust of snow on her cheek, but for once, she didn’t mind.

Audrey Grey

Book 3 King Maker

Haven gifts Bell her magic for a competition that will determine the leader of the Nine realms. And she must ensure he wins, or he’ll face a lifetime serving the cunning Sun Sovereign. However, casting a spell for both herself and Bell goes awry. Additionally, Stolas enters the competition, and Haven isn’t so sure she can beat him and her attraction to him either.

Meanwhile, Archeron’s insecurities arise between returning home and bending to the King’s will. He becomes crueler to Haven and his friends.

However, dark forces are at work, and the competition becomes the least of their worries.

“Stolas?” she whispered, fear tickling her neck. “If you’re playing a trick on me, I will carve out your kneecaps and use them for bowls.”

Audrey Grey

Book 4 Light Singer

After Archeron’s betrayal, Stolas’s resurrection, and Haven learning she’s goddess born, her court flees to Shadoria, Stolas’s home. But every night is a battle for their lives, and they need allies if they want to defeat Odin. 

Meanwhile, Bell must quickly learn how to defend his bestie with Xandria’s help. Their attraction is potent, hopefully, Bell finally gets a boyfriend. 

As Haven moves on from her messy breakup, she’s face with romantic feelings for Stolas. But Haven’s not ready to give her heart away again.

Book 5 Dark Bringer


“We make our own future, you and I,” he rasped, tugging her legs around his waist. “Whatever consequences arise from loving you, Haven Ashwood, they will be worth it.”

Audrey Grey


This series is addicting! It begins as a gender bent beauty and the beast story- unraveling both Bell and Haven’s romantic arcs into this trope. And then there’s a touch of enemies to lovers with both of Haven’s love interests. I hate love triangles but Haven’s love triangle is interesting! She doesn’t find herself torn between both men. Rather she comes to terms with her feelings for Stolas only after her breakup. And she doesn’t immediately date Stolas, instead she gives herself time to heal her heart.

This series is well written. Grey has a way of immersing readers into these stories and holding them captive with the plot. Additionally, Haven is such a delightful character because she is equal parts passionate and chaotic which was very entertaining to read about.

And I loved Haven and Stolas. Their relationship is delicious to read about as they grow closer together throughout this series. It’s a slow burn enemy to friends to lovers. Yum! They start as enemies and slowly become friends. Even as friends, Haven manages to tease the lord of the underworld.

This series has a similar premise to the ACOTAR novels, but I think this series holds ups on its own. This novel is new adult so there are some smut scenes, but it does not make up a lot of the scenes in this series.

That said, I did notice this series unfortunately, buries its gays. Prince Bell loses his first love, and the other LGBTQIA couple- Rook and Surai have a tragic ending, Rook gives her life to save Haven. While book four hints at a future relationship for Bell, there is not much hope for Surai.

This series has lots of cool plot points, tropes, magical sidekicks, humor and terms of endearment. And if you ask me this series is a great time if you’re in a fantasy mood.

CW: gore, mention of slavery, mentions of suicide, past suicide attempt, toxic relationship, sexual content

The last novel in this series was supposed to be published last fall. But Audrey Grey announced on Instagram that the release was postponed, and the new release date is TBD. Grey explains in an Instagram caption that the fans of this series deserve a great ending. And while Grey posted a few more times after that, the author appears to have abandoned this Instagram account last December.

Although I don’t know whether this series will ever be complete, I enjoyed this fantasy series. I recommend it to fans of fantasy, dark love interest, adventure type of fantasies, and funny but loveable heroine.

This series is interesting, and I recommend it as your next kindle unlimited read. Until my next post you can find me living in libros,


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