Could this book be smuttier than ACOTAR?

A Ruin of Roses by K.F. Breene is another beauty and the beast retelling but what sets this series apart from other retellings is the erotic, hilarious, and romantic setting of this world. Plus, the heroine Finley does not hesitate to step on a few toes especially if they belong to the arrogantly handsome Nyfain.

If you’re a fan of A Court of Thorns and Roses or smutty fairytales add this series to your list!

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Finley lives in a small village and thanks to her efforts has evaded the sickness that overtook the Kingdom when the Mad King made a deal with the demon king and thus forfeited all lands. As a results demons are free to roam and cause chaos and fuck whoever is willing. 

Finley is uninterested in the demons happy to hunt and create elixirs that will extend the lives of sick villagers. She risks her life to harvest leaves from the Everlass plant from the woods where vicious monsters and a giant beast roam ever since she was fourteen. Finley evaded the beast once before but after dropping her pocket knife in the woods on her latest trip she awakens to the beast outside her window.  So she runs hoping the beast will chase her and abandon her family.

However Finley soon discovers the beast is a man named Nyfain and he’s the crown prince. The pair share an explosive attraction which is further fueled by their constant arguments. Nyfain’s a stubborn handsome prince who thinks he knows what’s best for Finley but Finley listens to no one but herself.

However when Nyfain is gravely injured, Finley risks everything to save his life.

In the second installment,  A Throne of Ruin Finley and Nyfain attempt to find happiness with each other in the midst of a curse that prevents them from reaching their full potential. Despite these obstacles they vow to live in the moment and cuddle as much as possible.

However each of their days are numbered and it’s only a matter of time before the demon king comes to burst their bubble.


This is one of the horniest books I’ve read, and I’ve read The Court of Thorns and Roses series. Due to the presences of sex demons, Nyfain’s castle hosts nightly orgies. And when the two leads eventually have sex, they do not shy away from exploring kinks.

The series makes a point to emphasize that all the sex is consensual and that nonconsenual intercourse is punishable by death. Which was great on the author to emphasize as things could have turned really murky. Despite that there were some instances where I would count the consent as a little dubious.

She’s not like other girls!

Finley is a heroine I always wanted to read about. She’s booksmart, headstrong, and she goes after what she wants but knows when to pull back. For instance, after an injured Nyfain abandons Finely she goes after him without hesitation but once she finds evidence that he’s alive she turns around and heads home to continue her life. I admired Finely for giving Nyfain space because even though she was hurt she doesn’t marinate in her feelings she pushes herself back to work. Finley’s reaction was different, and I couldn’t help but to root even harder for her because of it.

There are multiple times in this series where Finely pushes Nyfain back especially when he’s angry and gloomy. 

Our heroine, Finley, embodies the not like other girls trope: she sucks  at cleaning, cooking, and making clothes but excels at hunting and crafting medicine.

This is perfect because Hannon, Finley’s older brother, excels in the area Finley does not. Hannon’s the main caregiver to his siblings, cooking, cleaning, and sewing their clothes. He loves all the things Finely hates.

While the not like other girls trope is repetitive and boring Hannon’s juxtaposition to Finley refreshes the trope and makes this series even more enjoyable.

I am a believer that characters make or break the reader’s enjoyment of a novel and in my opinion A Ruin of Roses is one book series where the characters are both likable and entertaining. For example, Nyfain’s butler and Finley’s bestie, Hadriel provides great comic relief for the series.

While the first novel focuses on world building and cracking Nyfain’s icy exterior, the second novel builds upon Finley and Nyfain’s relationship. In addition, this novel also explores the class hierarchy in some of the villages. I enjoyed this subplot because it highlighted that Nyfain is not some all-powerful beast that can successfully govern his subjects and protect them from nefarious creatures. The sequel scrutinizes Nyfain’s flaws and why he behaves like a butt and why his relationship with Finley works. Although Finley’s always had agency her acceptance and love for Nyfain just makes their romance more endearing.  

“The goddess sang when she made you. You are perfect in every way. You will never want for a home or protection. We will provide it, always. This I swear. “

K.F. Breene

The third installment of this series is set for release sometime this year and of course I will be reading it! If you’re looking for a smutty, crackfic inspired, fantasy novel check out A Ruin of Roses. Here’s an excerpt from the K.F. Breene’s website.

CW: dubious consent, age gap relationship, demons, false pregnancy, classism, graphic sex, lots of swearing,

until next time readers I’ll be on the lookout for my next read,


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