Fall Favorites 2022

Hey book lovers, it’s that time of year when trees shake off their leaves and litter the sidewalks with red, brown, and gold. This means it’s also time for me to share my Fall favorites of 2022! This year I have some great recommendations, but if you want to check out my 2021 and 2020 recommendations!

Fall Drinks

Last year I was obsessed with the Pumpkin Cream Cold brew from Starbucks, so this year sampled their Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and their Apple Crisp macchiato. I liked them both, but then I sipped Coffee Bean’s pumpkin ice blended drink, and I fell in love.

It’s sweet but has just enough of that pumpkin flavor that makes it taste like a pumpkin pie.

I also had the pleasure of trying Dutch Bros Carmel Pumpkin Brulee Freeze. Very sweet but also super tasty! And I got a sticker!


I love spooky podcasts, but I did notice that a majority of supernatural podcasters are white. I didn’t mind until I noticed the constant mispronunciation of La Llorona, and I became annoyed. Sometimes these podcasters take the time to look up pronunciations, but sometimes they don’t. What’s up with that?  Moreover, I noticed a lack of stories and legends from Latin America. Which I didn’t understand because they’re so many, and then I found Que Spooky.

Que Spooky’s a paranormal podcast hosted by married couple Kevin and Andres. They dive into legends and stories from Latin America, but they also cover other legends from around the world. I love this podcast’s energy and the banter between both hosts. Plus, every fifth episode of their podcast is told in Spanish so listeners can share with family and friends.

Fall activity

I love walking in pumpkin patches in the fall, and I will go to one this year too! And eat a delicious funnel cake. But this year, I realized I enjoy walking into shops and checking out their fall decor. This year I loved seeing all of Target and Michael’s Halloween set up.

Fall Decor

I thought my fall decor for my room and my home was complete, but then I found this super cute witchy cat. A cook crescent moon candle that smells like the woods, and a pastel ghost garland.

I also found these super cute ghost pillows from Target, but they are super popular, and I was unable to purchase one! So I made my own. 

Fall Shows and Movie selections

Los Espookys

This one’s for my latines, latinos, my bilinguals! Los Espookys is a comedic show following four friends who run a unique horror business that brings the paranormal to life. This show is laugh-out-loud funny, check out the trailer below.

Practical Magic

If you haven’t watched Practical Magic but love movies with themes of sisterhood and love, then you’ll love this classic. 

Howl’s Moving Castle

This gorgeous studio Ghibli film is super colorful and not too spooky. A witch curses Sophie into the body of an ailing woman. Rather than lamenting the loss of her youth Sophie tries to make the best of the situation. But then Sophie finds herself employed as a cleaning woman for Howl, a wizard notorious for eating the hearts of beautiful girls. But Howl is not at all what he appears.

Fall Reads

If you’ve considered reading Mexican Gothic, I am telling you to do it! Mexican Gothic is really atmospheric and puts you into the perfect mindset. The novel is the perfect fall read.

But if you want more of a cozy read this spooky season, I recommend Claribel Ortega’s Witchlings. This novel is middle grade, but it’s adorable, and its theme of friendship is sure to melt your heart.

I hope this post gave you some fall inspiration! Until next time remember to live in libros,


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  1. It looks like you are all set and ready for fall! I am off this week from school/work so I will be doing the most to get into some cozy vibes myself! I will definitely be making some time to squeeze in a Practical Magic watch at some point, it’s just a perfect Fall movie!

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