Why I stopped reading Vampire Academy

Remember my previous reviews of Vampire academy where I confessed I could not finish the series? Well here’s my last review for the series.


Blood Promise is the fourth installment in the Vampire Academy series. These books revolve around two besties and their time at their unique Academy for vampires. Rose, the protagonist, dreams of becoming her best friend’s bodyguard while also crushing hard on her mentor Demetri. But lurking in the shadows are the evil Strigoi who have forgone the normal vampire way of life.

In this novel, Rose is fresh off her heartbreak and with a plan for vengeance. Demetri turned into a soulless strigoi, and she’s determined to end his suffering, even if that means dropping out of school and abandoning her best friend Lissa.


The first arc of this begins with Rose wandering around Russia with no plan other than eavesdropping for Demetri’s name or the name of his hometown. Rose eventually meets up with Demetri’s family and tells them of his passing. And she spends some time with them, bonding and grieving with them.

I found this arc boring as it was a little slow. Although Demetri’s family is very kind to Rose, not much happens to propel Rose in this arc. 

In the next arc, Rose finally meets Demetri, and he spends their whole time together making out and trying to convince Rose to become a Strigoi with him. Rose always denies him but allows him to drink from her, which gives her a rush of endorphins. Readers, are you seeing the red flags too? 

Demetri is very pushy about getting Rose to join him, always threatening Rose that they will never be completely together if she does not. Additionally, Demetri isolates Rose and keeps her from speaking to her friends. More sirens and red flags were going off in my head. 

Moreover, there is a scene in which they’re kissing, and Rose tells him that she wants to stop, so he bites her instead. And as I explained earlier, when Demetri drinks from her, she experiences a high! So not only does she not consent, but she’s also intoxicated. Which ultimately disgusted me.

So yes, it was the increasing toxicity of their relationship and the cultishness of the strigoi vampires that made me put this novel down. But of course, these books have always contained some questionable themes. I just overlooked it because the drama was entertaining. 

But I cannot continue the series.

Rose and Demetri’s toxic relationship was the big part of why I quit this series, but the other reason was the lack of Christian and Rose content. I dumbly assumed after Christian fought back to back with Rose and the way their friendship continued to bloom that he’d lead the search party with Lissa. But homie is missing from this book (well, from half of what I read at least). I was hoping he’d fire up the private jet and head to Russia. 

until next time I’ll be diving into a new book series,

Gaby 😛

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