The chaos twins are back-Rosemary and Christian team up again in Shadow Kiss

If you have been following my Vampire Academy reviews then you know I have a love hate relationship with this series and luckily for my readers I’ll be posting my last two reviews for this series this week. You can expect my review of blood promise this Friday.

In the third installment of the Vampire Academy series Rose and Christian grant us that precious frenemy content I craved!


All the potential Dhampir guardians at the Academy are prepping for two weeks of mock strigoi attacks. Unfortunately for Rose, she’s assigned as Christian’s guardian instead of Lissa’s. Naturally, the two grow closer, but when Rose begins seeing, ghosts she hesitates to confide in anyone until one intense migraine puts her in the hospital, she confesses to Demetri, who rationalizes it as PTSD. 

However, the dead are attempting to warn Rose of something, and it doesn’t take her long to realize there’s a connection between her migraine and impending strigoi attacks. And when a battle with Strigoi takes Demetri away from Rose, she will stop at nothing to keep her promise to him, even if it means abandoning Lissa.


In this book, Rose finally sees a therapist, and she comes to the realization that her whole life revolves around Lissa, and there isn’t any room for anyone else. Rose wars with this as it’s what she’s known her whole life. While I enjoyed the devotion these two besties had for one another, I do like that their friendship was disrupted, and with more Moria learning to fight, I think it was only time before these two weren’t as deeply intertwined.

The ending of this novel is a callback to Buffy and Angel. If you have watched the first 3 seasons of Buffy, then you know that at one point, Buffy’s cute vampire boyfriend, Angel, turns evil, and they break up. This leads Buffy with no choice but to send her ex back to hell.

I foresee a similar dynamic happening with Rose and Demetri, and I expect them to have a very angst-filled reunion in the next one.

I also want to touch on the evolving friendship between Rose and Chrisitan. At this point, both have accepted that the other will remain part of Lissa’s life and the best thing they can do moving forward is act civilly. And yet, that doesn’t stop them from teasing each other.

Once again, the Rose and Christian dream team come together again. Rose and Christian team up to wipe out a considerable number of Strigoi when they invade their school.

They are definitely a chaotic pair, and I’m invested in their love-hate relationship.

CW: Underage sex. I was really hoping the author wouldn’t go there, but it happened. Character deaths

But I think I’m a bigger clown for continuing onto the next novel.

until next time I’ll be living in libros,

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