Five Books for everyone on your gift list!

Books for everyone on your list!

The Pandemic has made this year hard for everyone, and while we may not be able to gather around with family during the holidays, we can still send them some books to let them know we’re thinking of them. 

I don’t know if it’s just the book lover in me, but I often find myself giving books as gifts during the holidays. Of course, it’s also cool to have someone else to discuss plot points, ships, and hot antagonists with.

Whether you ship these books or safely drop them off to your loved ones, I hope this gift list is helpful.

*This post contains affiliate links if you complete a purchase on bookshop through one of my links I earn a commission.

  1.  The Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

The Cemetery Boys is already a NYT bestseller! The novel follows transgender protagonist Yadriel as he tries to solve the disappearance of his cousin but accidentally summons the ghost of Julian Diaz, the high school baddie. Now Yadriel must solve both these cases while also proving to his traditional Latinx family that he can wield the same magic as them regardless of his gender.

 Set in the backdrop of East LA, Cemetery Boys is the perfect gift for paranormal lovers.

Click through to purchase a copy of Cemetery Boys.

  1. The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stievater

Here’s another rec for the paranormal lovers in your life. This series follows Blue Sargent, daughter of a psychic and with the ability to amplify people’s powers. Blue is a bit of a loner because of her unusual home life until a group of private school boys walk into the pizza parlor she works at.

After Blue begins dating one of the boys, she enters a world of magic, hidden kings, dreams, ghosts, and dangerous enemies. On top of everything, Blue is destined to kill her true with a kiss. And she begins to fear one of her new friends might be her soul mate.

If you know someone who loves devouring addicting book series, check out the Raven cycles.

3. I wanna be where you are by Kristina Forest

If you know someone who loves road trip stories, check out I Wanna Be Where You Are. This novel follows Chole Pierce, a teen ballerina who hopes to join an all-black conservatory in New York. However, Chole’s mother forbids her from auditioning, so during spring break, Chole schemes a plan to drive herself to the audition and return home before her mother finds out.

But just as Chole is about to hit the road, her neighbor Eli catches her. Eli then invites himself and his gassy dog along for the trip. But it isn’t smooth sailing from there, hijinks ensue, car trouble, and feelings blossom.

If you are looking for a cute rom-com book, definitely look into I Wanna be Where you Are.

4. Salty, Bitter, Sweet by Mayra Cuevas

Another Latinx novel for the list! Salty, Bitter, Sweet is all about Isabella Fields, an aspiring chef who is accepted into a summer internship run by a world-renowned chef. Attending the course means Isa must move in with her father and stepmother to their home in Lyon, France. 

Isa’s parents are recently divorced, and her paternal grandmother has just passed which leaves Isa tip-toeing around conversations with her father.

Things become even more complicated when her stepmother’s former stepson, Diego, decides to drop in from Spain,  towing along his albino dog too. Isa can’t stand Diego, but hate turns to attraction, and she soon finds herself balancing between these two emotions.

For a sweet read check out Salty, Bitter, Sweet

5. Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura

This rec is for the anime and manga lovers in your life. The Princess Jellyfish anime is pretty amazing, but not the full story. 

Princess Jellyfish follows the life of Tsukimi, an aspiring illustrator who recently moved into Tokyo. Tsukimi lives at Amamizkun with a few other roommates who dub their home the nunnery since they all have no interest in dating men. Tsukimi is socially awkward and anxious, so she’s having a hard time pinning down a job in Tokyo.

One night Tsukimi passes by her local pet store and notices a dying jellyfish in the tank. She awkwardly asks the cashier to move the jellyfish into a solo tank but has a hard time getting her words out. Luckily a stylish woman appears and saves the jellyfish. They walk back to Amamizkun together, and Tsukimi lets her stay the night.

The next morning Tsukimi learns the stylish woman is a boy her age named Kuranosuke, the illegitimate son of a politician who has a love for cross-dressing. Tsukimi and Kuranosuke become friends, and he pushes Tsukimi out of her shell by helping her build confidence and devising a plan to help her save Amamizkun from the redevelopment project.

But the more time Kuranosuke spends with Tsukimi, he begins to develop feelings for her. However, Tsukimi has her own crush on Shu, Kuranosuke’s older brother.

This manga is super cute and a great gift to any manga lover. I cannot recommend it enough. To see all of my reviews for each volume of the manga series, click here.

To purchase the first volume of Princess Jellyfish, check it out here on bookshop.

I hope you found these recommendations helpful!

Have a bookish Christmas And dont forget to live in libros,


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