Stressed? Me too

Are your negative thoughts taking over? Have you been feeling wound up because of current events? Today I’ll be sharing my top 6 things to do during self-isolation so you can breath for a second.

1. Chill at home

You don’t need to get up and keep yourself busy lying in bed is perfectly fine. Doing nothing is okay too. That’s usually how I spend my weekends.

2. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Getting Fomo from all your friends playing New Horizons? Don’t have 300 dollars under the sofa to drop on a Switch? Got a Phone? Perfect!

You can download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp in the App Store right now and play to your heart’s content. Although you won’t be building a town in pocket camp, you will be able to drive around in a camper van and decorate your cozy campsite. Additionally, you’ll get to meet a lot of the animal crossing characters and run errands for them.

3. Write some fiction

Whether that is fanfiction, friend fiction, or your own original story writing a page every morning is sure to get your mind off the present situation. Make your story as ridiculous as you want throw in aliens, bigfoot, or make up your own cryptid.

When your done sure your story with friends and get a good laugh.

4. Watercolor

Got watercolors supplies laying around? Bust them out! I made this cute bookmark while binge-watching, but you can create whatever you like.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

5. Start a Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals, or Bujos, are journals that help you keep track of your daily tasks, shows, or books. Or not Bujo’s are customizable.  I use my Bujo as a planner, a book tracker, and a place to scribble ideas. You don’t need any fancy notebooks to get started, rip out some pages of an old notebook and get doodling. If you need ideas check out my Pinterest board

More of a video person? Check out Amanda Rach Lee

6. Read

If you are a book blogger like me, then you also have that pile of books we avoid looking at. You know which one I’m talking about. The terrifyingly haunting TBR pile!

Now’s the time to read it!

Not a big reader, but you’re bored enough to start?

Well here in the States, you can check out your library’s ebook and audiobook collection through the libby app, just sign in with your library card.

No library card? No problem you can find some free ebooks on amazon and send them to your kindle or kindle app.

Those are all my tips for managing stress these days.

Until next time I’ll be living in libros,


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